6 Warning Signs Of Poor Electrical Wirings In Your Spring TX Home

Poorly maintained or installed electrical wiring in your home is not something that you should take lightly. There are hundreds of electrical fires in U.S. homes each year due to outdated or damaged electrical wiring. Most of these fires leave households with medical bills and expensive repairs. Your home shouldn’t be one of these casualties. There are many easy to spot warning signs of incorrect electrical wiring in your home. Here are 6 of them for you to be alert to.

Keeping Track Of Circuit Breaker Trips

The tripping of a home circuit breaker is a common occurrence. They are actually designed to shut off the power to your home whenever the electrical system is overloaded. Most of the time, you can switch it back and continue as usual. But of the circuit breaker in your home trips more frequently or multiple times a month, it’s a sign of a deeper problem in the home’s electrical wiring.

Taking Not Of Dimming, Buzzing, Or Flickering Lights

Just because the circuit breaker in your home doesn’t trip, it doesn’t mean there is no problem with the wiring system. Dimming, flickering, or buzzing lights is another sign of an outdated or damaged electrical wiring. If the lights buzz when they are turned on or they become dim when you switch on multiple devices, your wiring may need a professional upgrade.

Looking Out For Chewed Or Frayed Wiring

Frayed wiring can be caused by an amateur handyman, rodents, or pets. They are a huge shock and fire risk in your home. If you suspect or find this type of problem in your home, you should immediately call an electrical contractor to inspect and replace the outdated or damaged wiring in your home.

Searching For Discoloration, Scorching, Or Smoke

If there are any scorch marks on the outlet points in your home, it is a sign of damaged wiring in your home. The damaged wiring is releasing heat and discoloring or scorching the outlets in your home. Since the heat is already damaging your home, you shouldn’t leave it unchecked. It can become worse and cause a fire in your home if not attended to immediately.

Searching For Vibrating Or Warm Wall Outlets In The House

Without directly touching the wiring, feel the electrical outlets of your home for heat or vibrations. This is another method of finding out of the wiring in your home is outdated or damaged. If you notice any of these signs, you need to call a professional electrician to check and replace the loose or damaged wiring.

Smelling For Odd Or Burning Odors

You can rely on your nose to sniff the source of the issue when there is an electrical issue in your home. Smell for smoky, burning, or odd odors at the point of outlets in your home. The fire damage may have already begun if you get any burning smell. Ask a help to a skilled electrician to fix the problem if you come across such smells.

If you see, smell, or hear any of the above signs, call our professional electrician to fix the problem.