10 Advantages Of Using A Houston LED Lights

Part 2

5. Produce Very Little Heat With No UV Emissions

Incandescent bulbs can get really hot after just a few hours of use. This is because incandescent only converts 10% of the energy supplied into light energy, with the remaining 90% converted to heat energy. LEDs do the exact opposite by converting 90% of the energy to light energy, only 10% as heat. For this reason, an LED lamp will produce 90 times more brightness than an incandescent supplied with the same amount of energy. You also never have to be worried about UV emissions, for there are none. For this reason, medical researchers are looking to use LEDs as an option for treating SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

6. Flexibility In Design

A single LED is about the same size as a speck of pepper. Their small design allows them to be used in various applications effectively. Although initially designed to be used in circuit boards, they have since evolved to be used in almost every other application. All manufacturers do is combine several of them to fit the specific purpose, say make a traditional bulb. These LEDs can also be stringed together to make a series or line of LED lights that can be used for numerous applications say decorations or Christmas lights. LEDs can be designed to help illuminate floors to larger applications such as illuminating football stadiums.

7. Can Withstand Frequent Switching

Many traditional lighting options have a ‘warm-up’ time before they can come on when switched on. This is quite common and evidenced with metal halide and fluorescent lamps. Fluorescent bulbs, for example, flicker several times before turning on. They will also take a few seconds, or a minute before reaching their specified brightness. Switching these lights on and off quickly or frequently could also cause them to burn out. LEDs, on the other hand, turn on Instantly and can be turned off and on frequently without suffering any damage.

8. Low-Voltage Operation

LEDs can run comfortably at very low voltages, lower than other lighting options can work. For this reason, you can have a low-voltage system in your home or facility to ensure lights are always ON, especially if you live in flood-prone areas. The low-voltage system will also help protect you, your staff, or your family from potential electric shock caused by higher voltages.

9. Dimming Capability

Most traditional lighting options don’t have a dimming capability. Those that do, do not perform as efficiently as LEDs do on low power. LEDs can be dimmed down to 5% without breaking a sweat. Dimming LED lights also mean they will be using less energy, improving their durability. You will also be saving lots of money from dimming your LED lamps.

10. Directivity

Almost all traditional lighting technologies project light at a 360° level. This makes them relatively ineffective, especially if you wish to illuminate one specific area alone. You’d have to use a reflector or other accessories to channel the light in the desired direction. On the other hand, LEDs can be designed to project light in one direction only.

Incentives For Switching To Houston LED Lighting

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