Lighting Options For Your Spring TX Dining Room

It does not matter whether you want to have chandeliers or pendant lights to create the desired visual points that you are seeking, or if you prefer to have regular scones on the dining room walls that will add some intimate ambiance and sophistication, you should choose a lighting fixture that will offer the correct amount of light that you are looking for, while also choosing the best lighting to complement the décor in your dining room.

If this resonates with you, read over the following list so you can get begin selecting the perfect lighting for the dining room in your home.

Wall Sconces

These types of lighting fixtures are placed directly on the walls when they are mounted to offer both accents and regular lighting. If you have a large dining room, this type of lighting fixture will provide the ideal light coverage when it is complemented with the perfect ceiling fixtures.

Wall scones can also be installed when you are looking to create a more intimate dining ambiance. This can be accomplished whether you are using the scones alone, or if you are using them along with other types of accent lighting such as candles.


If you are looking for elegance, class, and sophistication, look no further than chandeliers. This type of lighting fixture will instantly become the focal point of your dining room.

Even though chandeliers were once reserved for use only in conventional and formal dining rooms, the modern chandeliers of today offer a range of options that are able to work in a variety of spaces whether traditional or contemporary dining rooms.

One of the most traditional chandeliers that are found in the dining rooms is the crystal chandelier. This type of chandelier typically has many dangling crystals.

These crystals offer a cascading light that is very soft, and this type of light beautifully accentuates any furnishings in the room that are made from wood.

If you want to have a more contemporary or minimalistic scheme for your dining room design, you should think of installing pendant lights or chandeliers that are made from wrought iron. This type of chandelier can include pendant lights and/or a candelabra to add just a little bit of elegance to the room. The suggested height for these types of hanging fixtures is between 30 inches and 35 inches above the height of the table of the dining room.

Pendant Lights

This is another type of lighting option that you can choose to install in your dining room. Pendant lights can easily adapt to most types of indoor living spaces, and they are available in a range of styles.

These types of lights usually hang from one chain, and they emit light that provides a warm and inviting ambiance in the dining room area.

If you have modern or contemporary furnishings in your dining room, you should consider installing a pendant light that has a drum shade that has a specific color. This will provide the correct amount of contrast lighting that is needed.

However, if you are looking for a more traditional lighting look, consider a triple-globe pendant or a regular pendant fixture to create soft illumination around your dining room table.

Semi-Flush Mount Lighting

Even though a flush mount lighting fixture is generally installed directly to the ceiling, these type of lighting fixtures offers a lantern or shade that only slightly go down. This way, the light is able to reflect from the surface of the ceiling.

You can choose from glass lantern bowls or Tiffany-style lantern bowls. Whichever you choose, these types of fixtures are very versatile.

Flush Mount Lighting

These types of dining room lighting fixtures reach the ceiling. These types of fixtures are popular because they allow the light to emit from diffusers or glass.

This type of lighting is ideal for dining rooms that do not have a lot of space. They are ideal for these types of spaces because they have the same types of crystals of regular chandeliers, but the crystals are more compact with flush mount lighting.

These types of fixtures that have three-light round shades are able to provide a light to the area that is soft and does not overpower the space. This makes flush mount lighting perfect for dining rooms where the table is the visual point of focus.

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