Tips For Choosing The Perfect Spring TX Light Bulb

You might think that buying a light bulb means just walking into a shop and picking one up, but if you stop to browse the selection of bulbs out there you will see a bewildering array of choices. You can’t simply pick up a bulb of a given wattage and expect that it will be a perfect match for the other bulbs you have in that room, or that it will even fit the fixture in question. You should consider your options carefully, to find the perfect bulb.

1. Note The Shape & Base Size

Modern light bulbs come in several shapes and sizes. In the U.S., the standard size is an A19 Bulb, with an E26 Base. This letter E means that the bulb has an Edison Screw, and numbers after the E are the size. In this case, the base is 26mm in diameter. The letter A describes the shape “arbitrary” and is the shape that most people think of when they imagine a light bulb. Again, the numbers represent the size. Make sure that you know the size and shape you need. Consider taking the old bulb with you to compare details, if you’re not sure what to look for.

2. Consider How Powerful The Bulb Should Be

In the past, wattage was a good way of determining how strong a bulb was and how much light you would need. Today, with changes to light bulb technology, that is no longer the case. Consider the lumens rating instead. This is a measure of how much light is produced by a bulb, and it will give you a much better idea. Many manufacturers provide a ‘wattage equivalent’ rating but don’t depend on that always being there.

3. Choose The Color Of The Bulb

White light bulbs do not produce pure, white light. There is a tint of color to it. Some have a warm, yellow light that is like that of a traditional incandescent bulb. Some produce a harsher blue light. Manufacturers will describe light as being ‘soft’, ‘daylight’, or ‘warm. These are not standardized, though, so it is best to look at the color temperature. This is listed in Kelvin and will give you an idea of how red or blue the light is.

4. Choose A Three-way Bulb If You Use A Dimmer

If you have a dimmable fixture, then you should choose a dimmable, or 3-way bulb so that it will work properly in the fixture. Not all bulbs support this, so be sure to read the packaging before you buy a new bulb.

5. Look For The Energy Efficiency Rating

Make sure that the bulb you are buying carries the Energy Star label. This means that the bulb is certified and that it meets the modern energy efficiency standards. The label will also contain all of the other information that you need – lifespan, color temperature, lumens, and energy usage, as well as an estimate of how much it would cost to run the bulb for a year. This standardized label will help you to compare different kinds of bulb.

There are a number of different types of energy-efficient bulbs, including Halogen (energy-saving incandescent), CFL bulbs (Compact fluorescents), Smart bulbs and LEDs. Compare each type closely to make sure you get what you need.

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