How To Choose The Best Lighting

Part 2

How To Choose The Right Type Of Light For Different Areas

1. Stairs, Entrances & Staircase Landings

These are the least celebrated areas of the house. General lighting would come in handy here. You can, however, use a statement fixture, such as a chandelier to boost its aesthetic appeal. Layering the light fixtures can also produce magnificent results on and around these areas as well. You can also use accent lighting for the entrances and stairs too.

2. Living Rooms

Living rooms are where many families spent time together. The living room thus needs to be well-lit with enough light to illuminate even the farthest corners of the room. You can thus combine general lighting with accent lights for the best results. Many interior designers will have a chandelier or a large pendant light in the middle of the room, and several smaller ones at the corners and/or walls. You can also add floor and table lamps to the mix to help improve illumination and make the room livelier.

3. Dining Rooms

The dining room needs to have just enough lighting and ambiance to enable the family to gather around and chat while having their meals. You will thus need a large pendant light hanging in the middle of the room to provide adequate illumination on the table and around it. You can also have a table lamp on the dining table to help accentuate the table surface and everything on it as well. We recommend elevating the table lamp to at least 60CM for the best results. The table lamp need not be too bright nor too dim.

4. The Kitchen

The kitchen, especially the worktop and cooktop needs to be well-lit. In addition to general lighting, you will want to install brighter accent lights for these surfaces. You can also add lighting under the kitchen cabinets and cooker hood.

5. Bedrooms

The bedroom is one of the sensitive areas that need to be adequately lit, depending on the size of your bedroom. A single central pendant light would be a good idea, coupled with a wall light or bedside lamp. You, however, want to go for dimmable lights for your bedrooms.

5. Bathrooms & The Work/Study Room

The bathroom needs to be adequately lit, with bright general lighting recommended. You however need to ensure all switches are installed just outside the bathroom for safety reasons. LED lights are the most preferred and recommended option for Bathrooms.

Task lighting is the best lighting option for the study room. While the overhead light might seem enough for the study or workspace, you will still need a table lamp or accent lighting for the same. The supplementary lamp helps provide enough light for improved focus and to avoid straining your eyes.

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