Importance Of Hiring A Houston Commercial Electrician

Part 2

Hiring A Commercial Electrician For Moving Your Business’ Location

If you plan to move your business, a commercial electrician is necessary for the project. You should know what needs to be done before moving the office into a new building. In fact, you should know what is going to be done with the existing equipment as well as whether you need additional equipment and devices.

Brothers Lighting is your trusted partner when moving your business to a new location. The type of location you plan to move will make a big difference. Are you moving to a store, office, or restaurant? For example, if you plan to move your restaurant to a new location, there are 20 or more separate pieces of equipment and machinery that need electrical connection, different voltage levels, and lighting. This type of work requires an experienced commercial electrician to evaluate your needs and do the needful. Here are some tips to consider when you plan to move to a new location.

Step 1: Gather All Necessary Information

You should have the following information ready before the commercial electrician comes to the worksite:

  • The type of equipment that needs to be moved
  • The voltage of each piece of equipment or machinery
  • How many machines do you currently have?
  • Locations of the computers, phone lines, cash registers, and network equipment
  • What type of lighting do you consider? Whether recessed lighting, high bay lighting, automated lighting, or low-voltage lighting

Without this information, the professional will have to spend a lot of time trying to figure out the answers to these questions. Our experienced electrical team is happy to come to your premises and figure out a few options for you when you plan to move your business to a new location.

Step 2: Electrical Evaluation

Brothers Lighting will visit your new location and figure out what electrical work needs to be done on the premises.

Step 3: Permit Process & Electrical Drawings

After we gather all the information and electrical needs of your new location, we will begin the electrical permit process. An electrical engineer will create a plan for the township detailing the electrical work and project. This is how we help with your electrical permit process.

Step 4: Beginning Electrical Work

Once the electrical work is approved and you have received the necessary permits, we will start the work. Our expert team will run the new electrical wires, new lighting, and other necessary preliminary work to start with.

You should never try to cut corners or save money when hiring a commercial electrician. It is best to steer clear of hiring a commercial electrician without a good reputation in your community. Choosing the wrong contractor will not only delay your opening time but increase your stress levels too. Contact us or call us today for any help you need with your electrical system. Visit our blog for more related articles. Missed the first article in this series? Click here!