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Electrical Consultation

Our company designs and installs the electrical and lighting systems; thereby, ensuring that the systems meet all industry regulations and local standards.  Our services include the stages of electrical construction, individually design, ground up, tenant build-out, computer rooms, site lighting and internet hotel sites.

No matter if you require a comprehensive electrical consultation or specific advice regarding layout, you’ll want to call on a professional for
assistance. Getting a professional electrical engineer consultation can do wonders for your new home. Having a good idea of what you want
is key. Once you have a good idea of what you want, you should aim to find a professional for further assistance. Brothers Lighting is a reliable
and professional consultant you can count on for the best electrical consultation services in the area.

Know What You Want

One of the key things you want to do is have a vision. Knowing what you want is the first step to putting your electrical plans into motion. If you are designing your brand new house, you will want to focus on various things including furniture placement. Think about where you want and need your router and all of the other appliances in your home. If you’re someone that loves to entertain, you may want to consider the design of your outdoor area. That way, you can figure out where you might require outdoor sockets for sound systems and a fridge to improve the quality of life in your outdoor area.

Go Through The Checklist

Once you have a good idea of what you want from the new design, you want to call Brothers Lighting. Brothers Lighting is a fully qualified consultant that you can count on to provide you with a comprehensive checklist. Use this checklist to make the necessary preparations for your very first visit to our professional showroom. If you aren’t entirely convinced that you know what you need, there is no need to fret. The checklist we offer can help to fill in any blanks you may have to provide you with a crystal clear picture of everything you must think about throughout the process. The comprehensive checklist will ask you to:

• Acquire a copy of your standard electrical plan and inclusions list. This is something you can generally get from your builder. If not, you should be able to look at the contract you signed.

• Go to the builder’s display home to see what they have on display. By doing this, you can get a good feel for how things could look and it can give you the inspiration you need to make key decisions. 

• Know how each design change will impact the project.

• Figure out what requirements exist for your area when it comes to connectivity and entertainment. Certain cable or Internet providers will have specific setup requirements. Some may have underground cabling and others might provide service through satellite.

By making the requisite preparations ahead of time, you can save a lot of money and time for your jobs. It doesn’t matter if you’re building a new home or you’re looking to get a new A/C unit installed to counteract the summer heat, we can help. Brothers Lighting has skilled consultants you can count on to handle all of your service and installation requirements.

Worth mentioning again, we offer better lighting with a savings up to 50 percent!!!

Brothers Lighting provides monthly and quarterly lighting maintenance agreements. We take the worry of lighting issues out of your mind with our “night surveys”. A lighting maintenance agreement insures that your property is sufficiently illuminated for the safety of your customers and employees. We also specialize in servicing and maintaining your pylon and building signs. A properly maintained sign dramatically enhances your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Electrical Consultation

What are the four basic types of lighting?

There are four main types of lighting that are used in a retail setting: Ambient, Task, Accent, and Decorative.

What is a smart lighting system?

What is smart lighting? Smart lighting is an advanced way to light your home. Smart LED bulbs contain software that connects to an app, smart home assistant, or other smart accessories so you can automate your lights or control them remotely, eliminating the need for traditional wall switches.

How do lighting systems work?

Lighting controls are input/output devices and systems. The control system receives information, decides what to do with it, and then adjusts lighting power accordingly. Here we see a basic lighting circuit (switch leg). The circuit is powered by power.

What is building lighting system?

Lighting control systems serve to provide the right amount of light where and when it is needed. Lighting control systems can be used to maximize energy savings, comply with building codes, and comply with energy conservation and green building programs.

Which bulb is best for your eyes?

While traditional incandescent bulbs work well, many people want a more efficient alternative. Luckily, “warm light” CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lights) are okay for your eyes, as well as being much more efficient. Although they do emit UV rays in a smaller amount, they are still effective. You can also use halogens or LED bulbs.

What are lighting methods?

Lighting methods are classified according to lighting focus, or direction, and fixture arrangement. The light fixture, or luminaire, serves several functions. It must hold the bulb, protect the bulb, protect users from electric shock, and direct and diffuse the light.

What is modular lighting?

The modular lighting idea is that one light fixture isn’t just one light fixture. One single product design serves multiple purposes. Breaking down the rules about which lights are best.

What is focal lighting?

This is a method of making a space brighter by increasing the overall lighting. This light is used to illuminate specific areas such as reading or under kitchen cabinets.

What is a simple electrical system?

The essential elements in a basic electrical circuit consist of: A source, load, and ground. Without a power source (battery), a load (bulb, resistor-electrical component/ component), and a closed conductor path (wires connecting it), electricity cannot flow.

What are the 3 major components of electrical power system?

The three main parts of an electrical power supply system are the generation unit, transmission unit, and distribution unit. Each unit is made up of high-voltage equipment, such as disconnectors. To ensure the reliability of the electricity supply, this equipment must be maintained.

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