Brilliant Ideas On How Long Will GFCI Outlets Last In Spring TX

GFCI stands for ground fault circuit interrupters. They’re there to help give you protection from things like electrical shock hazards. These outlets are found in most modern homes in an area of 6 feet around a sink. They’re often found in outdoor areas, near a kitchen sink, in your garage, in bathrooms, in crawl spaces, and in your laundry room. There are several things that you ought to know if your home comes equipped with any GFCI outlets.

Most GFCI outlets are going to last for a range of 15 up to 25 years. However, in some circumstances, they might fail after only 5 years. The following are a few frequent signs that the time has come to replace the electrical outlets of your home.

Do Your GFCI Outlets Keep Tripping?

If you have a GFCI outlet that keeps tripping, then you can test whether or not it’s working just by pressing the outlet’s test-and-reset button. Plug in a night light before you press this test button. The light is supposed to turn off right away. If you press the reset button, then the light is supposed to come back on. If your nightlight doesn’t turn off after you press your test button, then the GFCI outlet isn’t working properly and needs to be replaced immediately. We recommend testing these outlets monthly.

Does Your Home Have 2- & 3-Prong Outlets?

If your home as both 2- and 3-prong outlets in its walls, then there is the chance that your home isn’t grounded. We recommend testing all 2-prong outlets in order to be sure they’re grounded. If these receptacles aren’t grounded, then you need to consider replacing all of them with 3-prong outlets. That will offer you more protection and safety from electrical fires or shock hazards in your home.

Does Your Home Only Have 2-Prong Outlets?

If your home is older and only has the 2-prong style outlets, then we recommend getting them all replaced specifically with GFCI receptacles. These outlets can monitor changes in the available electrical current, and they can immediately shut the power off if they see the current traveling down unintended pathways, such as water.

Do You Have Outlets That Are Cracked Or Damaged?

If any of your outlets are showing signs of discoloration or cracking, this might mean that they need replacement. Any outlet cracks can expose the inside electrical writing, posing possible electrical hazards. We recommend the replacement of any damaged outlets so that GFCI outlets can be put in for optimal protection. If you want something even more protective, then replace them specifically with some self-testing GFCI outlets.

Do Any Of Your Plugs Keep Sliding Out From The Outlet?

Over time, electrical receptacles do show symptoms of deterioration. The life expectancy of an outlet will depend on the frequency of its use. Loose connections might happen if you’re constantly plugging and then unplugging appliances and electrical devices. If you notice that your plugs aren’t fitting tightly in an outlet any longer, then it’s a good idea to get them replaced.

Have You Encountered Specific Issues With The Electrical Outlets In Your Home?

If your home has ongoing electrical problems, then it’s time to consult an electrician. The safety of, in, and around your home is essential, which means you shouldn’t leave anything to chance. Contact the professionals of Brothers Lighting & Electrical to get help in diagnosing the issues with the electrical system of your home so that your safety is assured and you have peace of mind.