When Is Bright Light Too Bright?

Everyone knows they shouldn’t stare right into the sun. It only takes several moments of that to result in permanent and irreversible retinal damage. Bright industrial lights and lasers can also result in retinal damage after just a short span of time. If you expose your eyes to the light that’s too bright, then it can negatively impact your vision. That means taking proper measures to care for your eyes is crucial to your overall eye health.

Given how dangerous really bright lights can be, it’s very possible that longer-term exposure to just moderately bright light might prove just as harmful. Still, so long as you don’t stare at lights around, then normal and routine use of commercial incandescent or fluorescent lights in schools and workplaces shouldn’t result in permanent harm. A good idea to follow is just not staring at anything which hurts your eyes.

Over-illumination is something that can happen if the light intensity is actually higher than necessary for a certain activity. Excessive usage of light such as this can result in conditions including but not limited to hypertension, anxiety, stress, fatigue, and even possibly a decrease in sexual functionality. In fact, excessive light is possibly linked to triggering migraine headaches. Workers that are subjected to intense levels of fluorescent light on a daily basis can experience some of the worst outcomes since that kind of light is matched poorly with the natural spectrum. The health impacts of light aren’t just based on the actual level of illumination but also on whether or not an artificial spectrum is used.

The simplest way to protect yourself from potential retinal light damage coming from bright light outdoors is by wearing sunglasses, and those with a dark tint are the best choice. When inside, try to use only the light you need for working and reading. You don’t need to exceed the necessary amount with really bright lighting. Light bulbs that have ‘warm’ greens and reds tend to prove safer than lights featuring ‘cool’ blues. Since an excess of bright evening light might inhibit melatonin release, it can throw your natural sleep cycle off. As such, it’s smart to limit bright light use when close to bedtime. Whenever possible, use natural sunlight, or just light that is a close match to the sun’s natural color spectrum.

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