The Importance Of Using A Skilled Lighting Designer In Texas Pt 2

The Payoff Of Hiring A Professional Lighting Consultant

There are a lot of compelling reasons for property owners or architects to hire independent lighting design consultants. People often question whether or not a lighting designer is necessary since the lighting could be put together by an in-house designer or salesperson. It is hard to get people on board with the idea of hiring a lighting designer when they don’t understand how valuable their services are. If you ask architects or building owners who have worked with lighting designers in the past, however, they will tell you that there are many benefits associated with hiring these professionals. Often, their services pay for themselves. Through innovative choices and advanced design, lighting consultants can lower construction costs. More than that, they also can make the building cheaper to operate once it is up and running. Some of the financial benefits of hiring one of these professionals are outlined below.

Controlling The Cost Of Equipment

The best option is to bring a lighting designer in when setting a budget for the project. By comparing options from multiple manufacturers, they can choose the most cost-effective equipment. They also can help lower the cost of installing this equipment. Some light fixtures are only produced by one company or are completely unique. In cases like these, the price of the light fixture can be incorporated into the budget early in the planning process. Pricing information that is put together during the design process can be used to ensure that contractors are not bidding too high for the project. Designers also may advise working with specific distributors to keep the bidding as competitive as possible. Lighting designers also work with contractors and representatives of the owner to meet budgetary goals without compromising the design in the process.

Controlling Operational Costs

For owners, operational costs are always an important part of the design process. Lighting choices that lower these costs often result in improvements in both functionality and aesthetics. Through lifecycle cost analysis, comparisons can be made between the upfront investment in a variety of different technologies and their potential savings over time. One easy way to reduce costs is by avoiding adding too much lighting to space. Over-lighting problems occur quite frequently – especially when relying solely on horizontal footcandle formulas without taking the real needs of the project into account. Owners sometimes get talked into buying too much equipment by salespeople, as well. Professional lighting designers can help sidestep all of these problems while at the same time ensuring that the project turns out well. For instance, incorporating more reflective surfaces into space can lower the need for lighting equipment, resulting in lower operational costs. Spotlighting can be used in retail areas to keep lighting costs down, as well. Using a combination of daylight and electric lights can lower energy usage while also creating a more open, connected-feeling space.

The Effect On People

Light quality has numerous effects on people. The quality of the light in a space can impact everything from how productive office workers are to how likely people are to buy products in retail spaces. Lighting can also impact how easy and safe it is for people to get around. Lighting designers are specially trained to think about these issues when putting together their designs. Owners who make the mistake of only following building codes when putting in lighting miss out on a chance to use lighting to change the way that people interact with their space.

Aesthetic Value

The technical skills for installing lighting are relatively easy to learn. When it comes to design talent, however, not everyone is born with it. A talented lighting designer can completely transform the look of a space, making the most of the architecture and creating a beautiful, functional environment.

When you take all of these benefits into account, it is easy to understand why hiring a professional lighting designer is so important. If need help with your lighting design, don’t hesitate to contact us or call us today! Visit our blog for more related articles. Click here for the first issue of this article!