How Do You Hide Landscape Lights And Wires?

Outdoor lighting can transform your space, making your yard, garden, and home look much more attractive after dark. More than that, it also can improve safety and be sure of asking for some assistance on the commercial lighting maintenance Spring TX contractors lighting designer.

One common problem on how do you install outdoors landscape lights is that people run into when installing outdoor lighting, however, it is figuring out how to hide the lights and wires. Visitors are less likely to trip or fall when pathways are well-lit. Burglaries are also less likely to occur since thieves prefer to target homes where there are dark areas to hide.

Properly concealing all of the electrical equipment is an important part of creating an attractive look for your outdoor space. Other things you need to know is that what wattage should landscape lights be used when you install outdoors landscape lights. Below are some tips on how to hide landscape lights and wires.

Try placing the lights in planters. 

One easy way to conceal certain types of outdoor lights such as well lights is by placing them in planters. This works particularly well for paved areas such as patios or swimming pool decks.

Choose lights that naturally blend in. 

Some lights are designed to look like stones or other natural elements. Lights like these can easily be added to flowerbeds, lawns, or other landscaped areas to add light without detracting from the natural appearance of the outdoor space.

Another option is to look for light fixtures that match their surroundings. For instance, if the lights are going to be placed in a flower bed with dark soil, choose dark brown fixtures. Since the color is similar to the color of the soil, the lights will be much harder to see unless you are specifically looking for them

Bury wires underground.

Electrical wires can be a nuisance if stepped on or tripped over and they can also be unsightly when left out. Hiding them is the only real solution, but this isn’t always possible when the wires are long or they need to traverse one side of a room to the other side. The only real solution on how do you hide cords outside of a wall is to incorporate some type of cable management system in the form of a cable or a wire raceway. However, If you need to run wires across your yard or if you were asking on try burying them underground to conceal them. The process is easier than you might think. 

Begin by installing the lights in your outdoor space. Wait a few days before burying the wires so that you have a chance to see what your yard looks like at night. That way, you can make any adjustments to the placement of the lights before the wires are buried.

Once everything looks good, bundle the wires together using zip ties. This helps keep them neat and tidy. Then, run them through hollow pieces of PVC pipe. The PVC pipe will help protect them, keeping them from getting damaged by the surrounding soil.

Finish by digging a narrow trench that measures anywhere from 6 to 12 inches deep. Bury the pipe in the trench, placing the soil back over the top. Replace any sod that you removed during the process so that the grass can grow back into place.

If the wires are running through flowerbeds, they don’t need to be buried quite as deep. Instead, use mulch to cover them to a depth of anywhere from about 2 to 5 inches.

Run wires through rain gutters.

If burying the wires underground is not an option, consider running them through your rain gutters. This allows you to get the wires much closer to the area where the lighting is installed without detracting from the appearance of your home. Best of all, it also eliminates the need to dig up your yard. This is a good option in paved areas since it is easier and less costly than removing concrete.

Conceal the wires with copper pipes, wood molding, or other decorative elements.

Aged copper pipes look beautiful when they are mounted on the outside of the building and used as a conduit for wires. Painted wood molding can also be used to conceal wires that run along the eaves of your home.

Learning how to hide landscape lights and wires is an important part of lighting up your outdoor space. Properly concealing these lighting elements will give your landscape lighting a much neater, more attractive appearance.