What Is Involved In An Electrical Inspection In Spring TX

Calls for electrical inspections increase as the weather starts to get colder. This increase often comes about because problems have come up, like overloaded circuits that are often the result of appliances being used more frequently.

A lot of people feel that electrical inspections cost a lot of money however it is not the case, they are neither sore on time or cash. Usually, an electrical inspection causes minimal hassle and results in a lot of peace of mind for the homeowner, as well as confidence that they have a property that is safe from an electrical standpoint. Potential problems can also be identified during an electrical inspection. For the most part, they can be corrected easily as the problem has been identified before it became something more serious or expensive to fix.

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What Happens At An Electrical Inspection?

These inspections are carried out around the system which is in place in any given home. Time and use mean that all electrical appliances will deteriorate. This is why it is important to inspect and test all appliances regularly to make sure that they continue to be in good working order, the safety tests that are carried out on appliances are called periodic Inspection and testing.

During a periodic electrical inspection, the investigator will:

  • Identify potential fire hazards or electric shock risks
  • Find out if any of the circuits or equipment are overloaded
  • Identify if any electrical work is defective
  • Identify if a lack of bonding or earthing exists.

Tests are also carried out on wiring, electrical equipment that is fixed in the home, making sure that these are all safe.

It is vital that electrical inspections are carried out by qualified inspectors. They will use the US standard for safe electrical installations to check the condition of the electrics within the home. The inspection will check the following: how adequate, suitable, and survivable the electrical appliances in the home are. Switches, sockets, fittings for lights will all be checked to identify any sign of damage and ensure that the correct signs and notices are present.

The Electrical Installation Condition Report

At the end of an inspection, this report will be issued. Damages observed, as well as dangerous conditions and any identified non-compliances with current safety standards will be detailed.

If there is an immediate danger or a potential danger the overall installation condition will be recorded as unsatisfactory. It will then be necessary to take corrective actions without delay.

When Should An Electrical Inspection Be Carried Out?

Getting an electrical inspection is not just for times when you think there is an issue. If you are planning to sell or let your property, or if you are going to purchase another property you should have an inspection carried out.

As well as this, inspections should take place over certain time periods – the type of property that you live in will determine how often this should take place.

Electrical inspections should take place:

  • Self-owned homes – every 10 years
  • Rented homes – every 5 years
  • Caravans – every 3 years
  • Swimming properties – every 1 year

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