Reasons To Hire A Certified Electrician For Light Fixture Installations

Part 2

(Continuation)The electrician may also recommend specialized mounts for much heavier fixtures. The mounts play a crucial role in securing heavy and expensive fixtures in place.

4. Determining The Correct Hanging Distance

You want your light fixtures to be installed at the correct height such that no one bumps on them and to ensure the area is adequately illuminated. Most expert and experienced electricians will be able to determine the right height for your light fixtures, sometimes with the help of specialized tools. These tools make identifying the best installation point for optimal illumination and height. This is especially important when installing light fixtures in sensitive areas such as the dining area, hallways, and high-traffic areas.

5. Avoid Voiding Their Warranty

Most light fixtures come with some form of warranty. They will also have installation guidelines that should only be done by a professional—attempting to install the fixtures yourself only increasing the risk of voiding their warranties. Pro electricians handle such kinds of fixtures all the time, hence better placed to do the installation. Most of them will also provide a warranty for their services and products as well. That said, hiring a certified electrician helps protect your investment and money in the long run, this peace of mind.

6. Extra Insulation May Be Required

There are times when specialized insulation will be necessary for new ceiling or wall light fixtures. Some light fixtures (those with fans) tend to generate more heat while in operation, a reason you might require additional insulation for the same. The electrician will determine if extra insulation is needed and provide the same right away. A good electrician will also check to see if the existing wall or ceiling insulation is enough for the said fixtures.

7. Value-Added Services

Some of the best (reputable) electricians will not just handle the installations but also advise you on the best fixtures and the latest trends in the lighting industry. A good technician will advise you on the best-LED light fixtures for improved energy and cost savings. LED lighting uses less than 75% energy compared to incandescent bulbs and lasts 25 times longer. Investing in these could see you save lots of money in the long run.

A good technician will also check the health of the existing wiring system. Most will detect this when adding an extra line for the new fixtures and advise you accordingly. You, however, wouldn’t be able to tell if your wiring needs an overhaul if doing it in a DIY.

8. It’s Safer

While anyone can change a light bulb among other simple electrical projects, anything that involves wiring can be dangerous. Electricians, however, understand all the electrical safety codes and how to handle various situations without risking your life and theirs. Hiring an electrician is thus easier and safer for you than if doing it yourself. You only need to find the right person for the job.

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