5 Reasons Why Light Is Crucial For Spring TX Residents

Do you take light for granted? It’s easy enough to do if you do. Consider the fact that it is constantly surrounding you. Right now, we’re going to dive into why light is so crucial to human beings. We’ll also cover how cities and public spaces might capture the true power of light in order to manifest aesthetic experiences that visitors find engaging and attractive.

Nature’s Lighting

In nature, we are delighted with the very first-morning ray of the coming sunrise. We cherish the brightness of the midday sun bearing down on us. We romanticize the glory that is a great sunset. It doesn’t stop when it gets dark, because we make great memories of bonfires with friends and family, and we marvel at twinkling stars, the gentle hue of the moon, and are astounded by the bio-luminescence of anything from fireflies to sea creatures.

Artificial Lighting

Artificial light hasn’t been around for most of history, but it’s certainly a lot more prevalent in today’s age. Each time you fire up a laptop or activate your mobile phone, you bathe yourself in light. Homes, offices, shops, and restaurants all glow under the LED light. Digital advertising screens compete with backlit ad boards for our ever-stretched attention. Right when the sun dips under the horizon, nearly every population center around the developed world gets illuminated by street lamps and car headlights.

Our Evolution Needs Light

Earth, as a planet, has always alternated between dark and light periods, leaving our circadian rhythms ruled by our sun. Not only have we evolved to cherish the light, but we need it. We see better in light and not so much when it’s dark. Daily exposure to natural sunlight maintains our health, and many therapeutic applications make use of light. It’s light that drives away the darkness, enables productivity, and offers pragmatic factors like staying warm, a means of cooking, and even some degree of security.

Light Gives Shape To Our Moods

As seasons change, we get either more or even less natural light, especially farther north of the equator. Not enough light can leave some people depressed, as they are impacted by the SAD or seasonal affective disorder. Most human beings like feeling buoyant instead of depressed, and not having enough light, even if it’s artificial, can be a means of keeping the lower feelings away.

Light Means Modern Life Is Even Possible

Prior to the advent of artificial light, humanity’s productivity was often limited to only the daylight hours. Fire helped to extend these productive hours, and gaslight followed suit. However, electricity-powered lighting now lets us stay up as late as we want, coming up with fresh ideas and innovations that now change the world faster than ever before.

Lighting Means Atmosphere

Lighting often dictates what space will ‘feel’ like. Bright white lights that glare off walls often mean a sense of a clinical atmosphere, whereas warmer white lights might make space feel more welcoming. Colorful and twinkling lights bring a festive air. Just a little bit of effort can turn any space into one that conveys a particular meaning or feeling with the right use of lighting. This is applied every single day in homes, offices, and leisure spaces.

Light Impacts Our Emotions

Bright light can intensify emotions, both positive and negative. Low light steadies emotions, making it easier to make wiser choices. Negotiations, agreements, and compromise also work better at lower light levels. Anything which can change our emotions and let us control or manage our behavior is essential to harness and use effectively.

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