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Welcome to the website of Brothers Lighting & Electrical Specialist! Our family owned business is located in Spring, Texas with the brothers Johnny & Brendan at the helm. We have been serving the Shepherd area for over 15 years. Our company focuses on commercial service, repair & maintenance. As a full-service lighting and electrical maintenance company, we are able to offer a variety of solutions to best meet your needs.
Our business motto is simple: we have to earn your personal trust and business one job at a time. We operate a few bucket trucks, service vans and scissor lifts. Our electricians are all State of Texas certified. We carry above & beyond the necessary commercial insurance to protect you on every job.

Commercial Lighting & Electrical Company LED Installation

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) discharge higher Lumens per Watt than high-intensity discharge (HID) lights. Brother’s Lighting & Electrical is focused on installing your building with clean, economical lighting at a discounted upgrade price. We model, install and offer maintenance services on commercial lighting around Shepherd. Kindly contact us to get more details about Shepherd lighting & electrical company and how we can deliver the best commercial lighting solution for you within Shepherd.

Advantages of Commercial Lighting & Electrical in Shepherd

If you need a lighting system that conserves energy, is cost-effective and beams light more effectively then LED lighting is a perfect option. Commercial LED lighting can be employed in lighting pathways, parking lots, parking garages, canopies, large areas and art displays. Brother’s Lighting & Electrical is a major electrical contractor that has extensive expertise in the Shepherd LED market. We have collaborated with various manufacturing partners to ensure your LED lighting set-up attains the following outcomes.


Conserves Energy

LED lighting requires lower energy levels to display a similar amount of light as high-pressure sodium or metal halide lights. This is due to the fact that LEDs emit more lumens per watt than traditional light lamps.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

LED lights have a longer lifespan than traditional lights. They average over 50,000 hours (5.7 years) thus minimizing the frequency of replacement and maintenance.


LED lighting has no mercury or lead. It is a lighting solution that keeps the environment clean and bright.

Optimal Light Quality

The light emitted by LEDs is white, clean and bright. LED lighting gives very good visibility and uniformity increasing the safety and value of your building.


LED lighting has the ability to weather harsh environments. The ability to cope with low and high temperatures, on/off cycles and vibrations makes LEDs a preferred choice by companies. In addition, electrical companies like us prefer LED lighting since it is tight sealing thus stopping the infiltration of contaminants. Wearisome disassembly and cleaning are hence avoided.

Controlled Dimming

LED lighting can change as environmental conditions change. Using occupancy and daylight sensors, accurate modifications are effected on lighting to match with the surroundings.

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Incentives for Switching to LED Lighting

Brothers Lighting & Electrical is a leading electrical contracting company that will work with lighting manufacturers to ensure that your LED installation is practical from a financial point.

Our qualification as a top-notch electrical company enables us to work with you in designing and installing an LED lighting system that makes it possible to have cleaner light, at a lower installation and maintenance cost while at the same time increasing the value of your property. To discover more about Shepherd lighting & electrical company and the merits of using commercial LED lighting please contact us today!

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Brothers Lighting & Electrical Specialist is a full-service lighting and electrical maintenance company.

Client Testimonials

I can say that when I need work done, I’ll definitely call these guys. One of their employees was extremely professional when I encountered him in Home Depot this evening. From his courteous manner with the employees to his offering a lending hand to me in the parking lot. Not very often do you see this nowadays Kudos to you guys?”
Benjamin K.

I have worked with Brendan and the Brother’s Team for years with great admiration and success. They service both residential and commercial needs and our community association uses them frequently to service lighting and electrical infrastructure in the community. This group has the tools/equipment to get the job done right, is professional, safe, and can get any job done right. I’d gladly recommend Brothers to anyone needing dependable, quality service; especially on the commercial side.
Scott H.

These guys are great. I needed a
Thomas K.

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