The Best Office Lighting For Employees Productivity In Spring TX

Part 1

Did you know that lighting can have a significant impact on your mood and productivity? Just take a midday stroll on a bright sunny day and experience this phenomenon for yourself. According to recent research in ergonomics (a field of study that deals with people’s efficiency in their working environment), this occurrence is quite common.

In the study, one-third of workers stated that they would be much happier at work if the lighting situation was improved in the office. An incredible 80% of workers reported that having proper lighting at the workplace was crucial to them. As a result, achieving the best office lighting has understandably become a key concern for office managers and design teams.

Office Lighting & Productivity

Regardless of whether the light source in your office is artificial, natural, dim and yellow, or bright and blue, the kind of light that workers are exposed to can affect everything from their circadian rhythms, mood, and physical health to their creativity and productivity. There has been extensive research on the effects one’s environment has on the brain’s ability to perceive and function in various ways.

When you have proper lighting in your current environment, you tend to be more creative and are able to come up with more creative ideas. When it comes to creativity, you are at your optimum when you are properly rested, energized, active, and have good lighting around you. On the other hand, when the lighting around you is too dim, it can cause you to strain your eyes and also feel sleepy and fatigued. However, when the lighting is too bright, it can hurt your eyes, affect your circadian rhythm, and lead to migraines. When your brain is forced to work harder than usual to fill in the gap, you tend to get tired faster and your creativity and productivity are impacted.

Selecting The Best Office Lighting

Given the fact that there so many types of light colors and fixtures available on the market, selecting the best type for your office can be quite a challenge. Fortunately, below we have provided some useful tips and guidelines on choosing the best office lighting to keep your employees healthy, motivated, and active.

LED Vs. Fluorescent Office Lights

LED lights have gained a lot of popularity over the past few years as an energy-efficient alternative to fluorescent lights. Even though LEDs are relatively more expensive compared to fluorescent lights, they will help your company realize long-term cost savings. This is mainly due to the fact that LED lights have a longer lifespan than fluorescent lights and they do not lead to energy wastage in the form of infrared radiation, as is the case with fluorescent lights.

In addition, LED lights can be potentially beneficial to your employees’ health. While fluorescent lights don’t typically cause migraines, these types of lights can cause symptoms of migraines among individuals predisposed to these symptoms. Also, since some employees prefer to remain active in the office even past sundown, fluorescent lights can affect their circadian rhythms as they inhibit the release of melatonin. But unlike these types of lights, LED lights can be dimmed to suit the seasons and time of day. This essentially makes them the better option for your employees’ health.

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