5 Ways To Prevent Electrical Fires In Spring TX

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, every year in the U.S, there are 25,000+ electrical fires that cause injury and death to over 1,300 people. Electrical based fires actually cause a much higher dollar loss when compared to fires that stem from nonelectrical causes. What is even more surprising is that these fires could be avoided if people took the following steps:

Inspection Of Electricals

In the event that you have an aged home, then you should have a reputable and well-rated electrician inspect it. The electrical wiring in a home would not last forever, so if you have an older home, then you likely need to get it rewired. This is even more important if your property uses aluminum wire as opposed to copper wire since aluminum is much more flammable. Now, all new homes are required to have 12 American Wire Gauge copper wiring as stated by the Copper Development Association. This wiring is meant to meet the needs of modern appliances. In the event that your property has the 14-AWG wiring, then you should get a top-rated electrician that is licensed so that they can inspect your home’s wiring and let you know the best course of action.

Damage To Electrical Cords & Plugs

Next, another reason why fires can occur is due to bad or faulty wiring. So, if you do notice that there are wires which are worn out, broken, or frayed, then you should get it re-wired. If you have cords that are in a bad state, then these can cause a fire due to sparking. So, if these cords belong to your appliances, then it is best to replace the cords on them.

Overloaded Electrical Outlet

Another very common reason for electrical fires is overloading. This usually occurs when there are too many appliances that are plugged into one outlet via a power strip.

You should definitely purchase power strips that have overload protection since it will actually react when it is overloaded by shutting off.

Remove Flammable Items

There are many items that can cause fires such as irons, lamps, electric space heaters, hairdryers, and much more. It is very easy for an appliance to cause a fire especially if there are flammable materials nearby. Some typical flammable materials are rugs, sheets, towels, etc. As a result, you should avoid placing cables and wires under your carpet or rug in order to hide them. This will likely cause a fire if it becomes overheated.

Wiring Issues & Shorts

There are simple shorts that can be fixed by anyone such as replacing the cord on an appliance. However, if you have shorts and wiring issues in your home, you will need a qualified electrician. Some of the symptoms of having wiring issues include tripping breakers, flickering lights, and lamps, sparking around plugs, hearing a buzzing noise from electrical outlets, etc. These can easily cause sparks and an electrical fire.

When fixing these issues, you should also get rid of and replace warm fuse boxes, extension cords, etc. When you can feel warmth, this signals that there is an issue with the wiring and that too much electricity is running through it. This is a huge risk since it can cause overloading which can in turn cause a fire.

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