Protecting Your Home From Electrical Fires In Spring TX: Tips & Ideas

Electrical fires can wreak havoc to your home, putting your entire family at risk. While dangerous, electrical fires are quite easy to prevent. All you need to do is ensure all your electrical appliances and wiring are in good shape. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to prevent electrical fires in your home.

Unplug Heat-producing Appliances When Not In Use

Most of these appliances will start to malfunction if left plugged in for extended periods of time. In addition to this, irons, toasters, kettles, curling wands, and other ‘hot’ appliances will overheat or even catch fire if left unattended. That said, it would be safe to unplug these when not in use.

Extension Cords Are A Temporary Solution

Avoid using extension cords in the house. Only use them when you need to, but not all the time. Contact an experienced electrician if in need of additional power outlets.

Never Cut The Ground Wire In Power Cords

The third prong (ground wire) is meant to protect you in the event of an electrical malfunction or power surge. Call a certified electrician if your home has only two-prong outlets.

Upgrade To Copper Wiring Materials

Many older homes have aluminum, knob, and tube wiring, and 60-amp electrical systems – all these are prone to overheating which could cause fires. Copper electrical wiring, on the other hand, is much safer and can handle large loads of current. Newer homes today have copper wiring installed as a safety measure to keep your home safe. Updating your home could save you lots of money on insurance premiums.

Never Use Appliances With Damaged Power Cords

Frayed, cracked, and loose power cords and plugs pose a significant risk for electrical wires. Avoid using appliances with such and instead have them repaired immediately.

Follow Manual Instructions When Installing Appliances

Almost every household appliance comes with an installation and user manual. Following the outlined directions to the letter should help keep you away from electrical harm, and even avoid overloading system. Be sure to contact the manufacturer/supplier if unsure of how the appliance should be installed.

Pay Special Attention To Trouble Signs

Most appliances will show signs of a problem before the worst happens.
Some of the symptoms of trouble you should watch out for include:

  •  Discoloration around the socket, light fixture, or switch
  •  If the appliance’s power cord feels too hot to the touch
  • A burning smell when the appliance is in use or plugged in
  • Sparks when you plug the device (This might be a sign of short-circuiting with the appliance)
  • Flickering light fixture and bulbs
  • Circuit breakers trip each time you turn an appliance on.

Follow the safety mentioned above tips to be safe at home. Although considering all these measures may help avoid an electrical fire, there are times when you’ll need to call an electrician to help diagnose and service your home’s electrical line. Worn out or old electric wires can be problematic especially if ‘power-hungry’ appliances are plugged in. Some of these wires will heat up as you use the appliances. That said, have a certified electrician service the wires and probably replace any worn out and old ones.

Contact us or call us to get help in diagnosing the issues with the electrical system of your home so that your safety is assured and you have peace of mind.