The Step-By-Step Guide To Repairing A Faulty Lamp In Spring TX

If your lamp is beginning to flicker, it may be a result of a loose socket. The lamp may be different to turn on or refuse to turn on altogether, and this can also be a sign of a loose socket. By replacing the device, you can add a new life to the lamp. Sockets can be easily replaced so, and even if you are not particularly fond of the lamp, you may want to repair it and give it to another person. Perhaps your curious neighbor.

Replacement lamp parts can be purchased at a home center or hardware store. The pieces are often standard, so you can buy a lamp cord by the foot without concern that it won’t work. You could buy almost any type of plug to replace the dysfunctional one on the old lamp.

Various options are available when dealing with lamp socket switches. You can control a lamp by pushing on the short shaft on the other side of the switch. You can also turn the lamp to know or pull the chain. When repairing lamps, there are several considerations to take into account. For instance, does the lamp have a three-way bulb that accommodates different degrees of brightness? If so, you must buy the socket switch designed to control three-way bulbs.

The correct replacement parts are most easily identified by taking the lamp apart according to the instructions below. Take the faulty parts to a hardware store or home center so you can find the suitable replacements.

Use these instructions to replace a lamp socket:

  • Unplug the lamp.
  • Remove the lamp’s bulb, harp, and shade. The harp is the odd-looking shape holding the lampshade.
  • Break off the socket shell from the socket shell cap. The majority of lamp sockets have a word-pressed stamp on two places of the shell. Squeeze the shell at these marked points to release the socket. If the shell remains fixed, push the end of a screwdriver between the side of the shell and the socket base. Pull the shell up and away from the socket.
  • Lift the socket out of the shell base exposing the switch and two separate wires attached to the switch. If the lamp has loose screws, it is recommended that you tighten them before reassembling the lamp. In many cases, a free screw results in the light being faulty. If the lamp functions correctly after tightening the screws, the problem is solved. If it remains faulty, take the lamp apart again and follow the instructions.
  • Unscrew the lamp wires. Lamp switches are attached with a brass screw to hot wires (black in color). The silver screw is attached to neutral wires (white in color). The lamp cords do not have wires in them, so it is vital that you remove all wiring from old switches. Before doing this, it is advised you note which color screw is connected to which wire.
  • Loosen the socket cap screw set. Unscrew the old socket cap set and discard it along with the old socket and socket shell.
  • Reposition the wire leads into the new socket.
  • Place the new socket shell over the new socket. Push the shell cover down until you hear a snap.
  • Replace the shade, light bulb, and harp.

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