Safety Tips You Need To Know For Christmas Lights In Spring TX

Part 1

The most important part of Christmas celebrations is the time spent with the family. It is during this festive time when we are traditionally so invested in decorating our homes with the best scented candles and most inviting holiday lights decorations.

In all the aura of the Christmas celebration, many overlook the potential danger that can be caused by some of the decorative equipment we store in and out of the house. We must at all-time observe proper precautionary measures to maintain a safe living space in the house.

In this article, we have provided a list of safety tips to exercise to ensure the Christmas décor is not only bright and stylistic but also safe for your family and friends.

1. Unattended Light Is A Common Mistake That Causes Fire Hazards

You should never leave any lighting in the house unattended i.e. without anyone monitoring it. It does not matter whether you are about to make a quick dash outside to buy a drink or you are retiring to bed after a long celebratory day.

You will need to turn off all the lights in the house that you cannot monitor actively. Sometimes, it can feel like a bother when you have to turn off and on Christmas lighting. Fortunately, timers and remote controls for Christmas lights will enable one to turn indoor and outdoor lights simply using a button.

Additionally, there is an automated timer to light up the decoration when it gets dark and to put of the lighting in the morning – an accessory that comes in handy especially for those people who can forget easily.

2. Whenever Possible Choose LED Lights Over Incandescent Lights

Much as LED lights cost more compared to incandescent lights, LED lights to have more superior and beneficial features. LED lights provide much safer lighting. Also, LED lights require little energy and produce less heat when they are at work. This quality of emitting a low volume of heat energy makes them very ideal for home décor.

It is estimated LED lights can have a useful life 25 times more than that of incandescent lights. Also, LED lights are major energy savers and are estimated to consume 75% less of electric current.

3. Remain Keen To Place Candles In A Safe Place

Looking at flickering candlelight during a comfy Christmas night is very enthralling. Despite this, the bare nature of a candle flame makes a candle one of the most unsafe lighting option especially in a house with wandering kids and pets who can accidentally and occasionally knock things over with hands or tails.

Candles must be placed at an elevated surface far from contact with kids and pets. Also, the candles need to be placed away from flammable surfaces such as curtains or wallpaper which can spread fire easily.

To significantly avoid fire occurrence it is advisable to opt for flameless candles for house lighting.

4. Do Not Substitute Indoor Lights For Outdoor Lights

It is not possible to interchange the use of outdoor lights for indoor lights. By design, indoor lights have not been wrapped with a protective coating to counter the accumulation of moisture on the surface which renders them unsafe for use during the wet winter seasons.

It is always advisable to check on the labeling on the lights to avoid mixing the use of outdoor and indoor lights.

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