Safety Tips You Need To Know For Christmas Lights In Spring TX

Part 2

5. You Must Only Use 3 Light Strands For Each Energy Source Plug

The capacity in Watts for the entire electrical circuit in the house and the watt capacity of the strands is the main basis for determining the correct number of light strings to connect in a sequence. You might require to carry out some arithmetic so that you can achieve the correct balance and safety.

Often, the rule of the thumb orders that not more than 3 strands of light should be fitted in each outlet. The number of strands of light can be lower than three.

For additional safety, we always advise home users to consider fitting a circuit breaker instead of the wall outlet. A circuit breaker will give extra protection to the power strip in case of an upsurge in the current flow.

6. Remove Old & Outdated Lights

Age has a major bearing on the safety of generally all electrical equipment. Most old lights may have antique and sentimental value but can equally cause real danger to the homeowner.

On the other hand, modern lights provide the latest energy-saving and safety standards such as fused plugs that function to prevent fire during a short circuit.

7. Ensure All Outdoor Light Strings Have Been Tightly Secured

You will need to ensure all lighting décor has been securely fixed to firm objects such as trees and walls so that the lighting remains exactly in the place where they have been stationed. Over time, stormy weather will easily loosen the outdoor Christmas light strands and cause a major electrical hazard.

The outdoor lights need to be fastened away from contact reach of kids and pets to avoid electrocution instances.

8. Do Not Fit Electric Lights On To Metallic Surfaces & Metallic Trees

Metallic surfaces allow the flow of electrical energy on the metallic surface which give an electrical shock to people or pets that come into physical contact with the charged metallic surface or tree.

Arguably, aluminum and tinsel Christmas trees give the home environment a very unique and striking sparkle. However, if you decide on using metallic trees for holiday décor, you must avoid fitting electric lights on the metal trees for safety reasons.

9. Be Smart When Laying Extension Cords

Outdoor lighting and the extension cords used to support the lighting can be a real cause of danger when they have been placed in low laying grounds prone to water floods from rain or thawing snow.

You will have to keep the extension cords completely dry and also incorporate surge protectors to guard against wavering electrical voltage.

10. Make Sure Your Christmas Tree Is Not The Fire Hazard

Unfortunately, most fires during the Christmas holidays are caused by a Christmas tree that catches fire.

Many home users find benefits and prefer to use a real tree in place of an artificial one. However, artificial Christmas trees are safer since they are intentionally made with nonflammable material.

On the other hand, if you prefer Christmas décor with a real tree, you will need to ensure the tree remains alive and fresh all through by watering it. Once the tree goes dry, it must be removed straight away as it is no longer safe to keep inside the house.

It does not matter the size and extent of your Christmas holiday home décor. The important consideration is keeping your family and friends safe by following these 10 simple tips for a happy and secure Christmas holiday.

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