Tesla Charging Station Installations

 Brothers Lighting & Electrical

Please provide the following information for your free Tesla Charging Station quote:

1. A photo of your breaker box. In order to provide you with accurate quotes, we need to learn the type of breaker box/breakers you have. This also allows us to advise if there’s enough room for the new circuit to be installed.

2. A photo of the exact spot where you wanted the charger to be installed. Please note – the closer to the breaker box the charger can be installed, the less expensive the final quote will be.

3. A photo of your entire garage from the outside, with your garage door open. To be able to offer you accurate estimates, we need to have a clear picture of your entire garage in one frame.

4. Please note the distance from the breaker box and the location where you want your charger to be placed. Also, if possible, let us know if you have access to the attic right above your garage.

5. Let us know if you will be wanting the NEMA 14-50R receptacle to be supplied and installed by us for charging or if you will be going with the Tesla Wall Connector. If going with the Tesla Wall Connector, please advise if you be providing it or if you want us to provide the Wall Connector as part of our quote.

Sending Info & Receiving Your Free Quote:

Once you have all this information and the requested pictures, please email to the following email address and we will respond quickly with your free quote: EVCharging@brotherslighting.com

Thank you and we appreciate the opportunity to bid on this for you!