Types Of Spring TX Electricians & Their Job Descriptions

If you are a homeowner, you might have had to contract an electrician to fit new lights or diagnose a problem.

An electrician is a professional technician who handles electrical wiring of buildings, stationary machines, transmission lines, and associated equipment. They might be employed to repair and service existing electrical facilities or to set up new electrical parts.

Electricians are skilled and licensed technicians who perform duties related to the installation, repair, and servicing of electrical infrastructure and equipment. However, are you aware that there are several different kinds of certified electricians with varying levels of specialization and skills?

The following are the various categories of electricians:

Residential Electricians

This category of electricians set up, upgrade and service electrical apparatus in houses and apartments. Also, they can install landscape lights in the outdoors.

Their education mixes formal classroom tuition with a traineeship period for a minimum of four years which involves working under the guidance of professional electricians. After the apprenticeship period, the resident electrician is required to pass a strict state assessment.

Commercial Electricians

Commercial electricians are employed on construction projects putting up commercial buildings and work on electrical machines. A majority of them undertake some installation engagements, which may include commercial security platforms, water heaters, and electronic key connections.

They also perform upgrades to systems and diagnose systems to identify issues caused by defective wiring. Before getting a license, a prospective commercial electrician must apprentice under the guidance of an experienced electrician. Standards are usually high since commercial electric assignments can impact public safety.

Journeymen Electricians

Mechanical systems, power supplies, lighting set up, communications and security systems are areas that journeymen electricians work in commercial as well as residential buildings. A journeyman electrician can also handle and deal with overhead lines.

A large number of these electricians are employed in construction, though a small percentage work for factories or utility companies. Journeymen electricians have finished their Apprenticeship and have been accredited by a National, Local or State licensing authority, as competent to practice in the electrical profession. After finishing an apprenticeship program, an electrical technician may sit the Journeyman’s Electrical Test. If they pass the examination, the technician gets a license as a journeyman electrician and can work on any electrical system without supervision. The journeyman can also prepare other trainees who are developing their skills toward accreditation.

Master Electricians

Master electricians are expert electricians who typically hold a supervisory position or undertake their contracting projects. Most of the states need an electrical engineering bachelor’s degree and experience of seven years as an electrician for licensing as a master electrician. Master Electricians have excelled in their field for an extended duration of about seven to ten years, also, they have passed an examination to confirm their expert understanding of the NEC (National Electrical Code).

Despite having expertise in installation, maintenance, and servicing of electrical components, a master electrician should be an excellent manager. Normally, master electricians are in charge of apprentices, journeyman electricians, and laborers on commercial and residential projects where managerial skills are critical.

Electrical contractors are enterprises that hire electricians to plan, set up and service electrical systems. Contractors have to bid for new projects, recruit tradespeople for various functions, get electricians the necessary materials in time, and liaising with building and electrical engineers, architects, and the client to design and finish the final product.

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