A Perfect Guide To Know If Your Spring TX House Needs To Be Rewired

As your house continues to age over time, eventually it will need to have some repair work done on it. That could include needing to rewire your entire house. The older that a house gets, the weaker the electrical components can become. Wires start to wear down and that can result in serious damage such as electrical fires.

So how can you tell if your house needs to be rewired?

There are several important warning signs you should pay close attention to and watch for. If you notice one or several of the following signs, your house might need to be rewired.

1. Persistent Burning Smell

If there is a persistent burning smell in your house that you notice but you are not sure where it is coming from, then there could be an electrical issue with your house.

If there is a burning smell in your house and you think it might be an electrical issue, you should turn the power off at the circuit and immediately contact an electrician.

2. Discolored Switches & Outlets

Discoloration on switches or outlets might be a sign there is either faulty wiring or a loose connection.

When outlets have loose connections that can cause sparking and arcing and could result in a small fire breaking out on the outlet’s surface which leaves discoloration and charring.

Ignoring the discoloration could result in more serious or even life-threatening issues eventually.

3. Flickering Lights

Dimming or flickering lights might be caused by a bulb not being screwed in properly or it might just need to be changed.

However, it could also be something more serious. If this flickering is occurring throughout your house, that might be a sign that you have faulty wiring.

4. Tripping Circuit Breaker & Blown Fuses

Your circuit breaker is designed to cut electrical flows off whenever a circuit goes over the number of amps it is able to handle. This is a safety measure that has been designed to help prevent electrical fires.

Whenever your electrical system starts wearing out or is unable to handle the level of electricity that your home needs, then it might trip or blow. If that happens, it might be a direct result of having bad wiring.

5. Problems With The Outlets

Over time, outlets can start to wiggle and then fall out of a wall. You need to replace them if that happens.

Outlets that are hanging out a wall results in wiring being exposed and that is very dangerous. Call an electrician to have the outlets tightened back into place or replace them.

6. Your House Has Aluminum Wiring

If there is aluminum wiring in your house instead of copper wiring, you might be at high risk for becoming seriously injured.

If your wiring is aluminum the jacket will have the letters “AL” on them.

7. You Are Experiencing Electrical Shocks

Even the smallest tingle of an electrical shock is a big warning sign. If you go to plug an electrical appliance into an outlet and you experience an electric shock, there is a problem with your electricity.

Electric shocks coming from an outlet is very dangerous and something you should not ignore. If you get even the smallest electrical shock, move away from the outlet and immediately call an electrician.

Final Thoughts

In order to avoid potentially injuring other people or yourself, creating unnecessary fire risks or damage, or violating electrical codes, please don’t try to rewire your house on your own. Contact or call a licensed and qualified electrician like us.