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The Brothers Lighting & Electrical Solutions Company

Brothers Lighting company website is where you find professionals in lighting and electricals. For more than 15 years, we have been providing quality services within the Houston area. Our company is situated explicitly in Spring, Texas, although our services are not limited to this location. Johnny and Brendan, the brothers, take charge of the company. It is privately owned and has been serving the region of Houston. We solve all electrical and lighting problems since we are a well-established lighting and electrical company.

Our Focus

Brothers Lighting and Electrical company focuses on the repair, maintenance, and commercial services within the area of Houston. The philosophy of our company put the focus on the satisfaction of our customers. Firstly, we get to know the customers’ needs. We then try to provide solutions tailored to meet the need of our clients. The solution is offered in a proper and timely manner while ensuring the safety of our clients. 

Our Mission

The core mission of Brothers Lighting and Electrical Solutions is to deliver excellent viable services to our business customers within the Houston zone. We also follow our goal, which has made us the most preferred electrical and lighting company in Houston. This has earned us trust from our regular customers who always come to us to get lighting and electrical solutions. We also reach all our customers in different locations in Houston. 

Our Services

The services we offer are tailored to meet the different needs of our customers. Our services are delivered by highly qualified technical and apprentices who ensure quality is guaranteed. We use quality materials from reputable companies for our repairs and maintenance. To deliver timely services 

We have our service vans, bucket trucks, and lift equipment. To determine how our services are offered, we listen to our clients to know how best they prefer to be served. Some of the services we offer include the following:

  • Installations of generators
  • Replacements and improvement of panels
  • Sign Repair and Service 
  • Electrical Troubleshooting 
  • Lighting Systems installation
  • Re-Lamps and Retrofits
  • Shaft Lighting Service 
  • Upkeep Agreements 

Customers get the above services affordably due to our advanced tools and technology.

Our Management

We have well-experienced management at Brothers Lighting and Electrical Solutions. They have vast knowledge in the electrical and lighting industry and are very talented in their work. The management provides proper insights and professionalism to our esteem customer. The employees, on the other hand, are well trained and have the required skill to perform their duties. The management has also embraced modern technology to ensure affordable, reliable, and timely services to our clients.

Our Difference

How we provide quality service makes us different in the industry. The services are reliable and delivered by experienced personnel to ensure the safety of our clients. We abide by the laws and codes guiding the industry. Our technicians also meet the required training to ensure customers get what they need from us. 

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