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The Brothers Lighting & Electrical Specialist

Located in Spring, Texas, Brothers Lighting & Electrical is a family-owned business with the brothers’ Johnny and Brendan at the forefront. We are a comprehensive electrical maintenance and lighting company. Our main aim for founding Brothers Lighting & Electrical was in accordant with one quest which is to deliver the most ideal service to clients within Houston. We have stuck to that target for years and presently we are glad of the stature we have set as one of the area’s renowned lighting and electrical contractors. We especially like the continuing relationships we have put up with Houston customers in a number of industries, all of whom have confidence in us to deliver outstanding electrical craftsmanship.


Brothers Lighting & Electrical company offers a range of lighting services in the following categories:

  • Security and safety: We are of the opinion that for places to be termed as either safe or secure, proper lighting is of vital importance. Most crimes occur in the dead of night when there is darkness. Effective lighting can serve as a great obstacle to all kinds of crime, especially violent ones and burglaries, which statistically have a higher probability to be enacted when there is poor lighting or no lighting altogether. We make safety and security our top priority by supplying proper lighting. We also provide interior emergency lighting with a variety of light-emitting diode (LED) exit signs to suit your wants.
  • Efficiency: Despite the fact that lighting accounts for a small portion of a business’s financial plan, it can have a direct consequence on your employees. Studies done show that there is a reduction in productivity, of about 30 percent, when light levels drop below-recommended stipulations and ability to see is reduced. As Brothers Lighting & Electrical company, we provide suitable lighting with the most energy-saving lighting systems for the working environment of your employees.
  • Energy efficiency: Brothers Lighting & Electrical uses the present-day available machinery in the construction and putting in of your lighting systems. We can install or make alterations to your existing lighting structure to use electricity to a lesser degree, by about 50 percent, while still providing better lighting.

As part of the Houston electric-powered firms, Brothers Lighting and Electrical provides various services on top of electrical system arrangement, installation, and maintenance. Ethical work, high-grade multiple systems, and advanced technology have led to continuing relationships with various clients. Our company is fully covered by insurance and permits, which guarantee the protection of the clients during projects. Brothers Lighting and Electrical are one of the best electrical service companies for energy management, lighting maintenance and much more. We pride ourselves on offering high-quality electrical and lighting systems to local companies in the Houston area.

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