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Who Is The Brothers Lighting & Electrical

When a company gives quality services to a significant city; Houston, for more than 15 years, the only way to know how best it would be of service to you is by looking at what level it has brought itself in those years. Brothers Lighting and Electrical Company has won commendable ratings from our clients in the city. 

Embracing our Customer care philosophy, our company ensures that our clients are served to their satisfaction. This we achieve; first and foremost by our fact of employing experienced staff. Our services are not only supervised by trusted project managers but also conducted by able electricians! Also, our technicians are fully licensed and therefore execute the maintenance and repairs perfectly.

Secondly, our code and way of conduct bind our team to give their best for every project bid, and this coupled with the number of businesses and clients who rely on our services around Houston, creates a peaceful and right understanding in between, and thus our being pointed to as one of the best in the Lighting and Electrical sector.

Lastly, we achieve the satisfaction of our customers by ensuring that proper tools and suitable techniques are available for our staff to use. Our company also has professionals from Houston; respected and talented in the field, whose skills and experience have proved a stepping stone for us in giving our good services to the people.

Our services include;

  • Relamping
  • Lighting system installation
  • Electrical repair
  • Pole lighting
  • Upgrading and replacing panels
  • Signs repair
  • Generator installation

No other company would match our cooperation with the various businesses in Houston given our proven capability to offer different kinds of electrical services as well as lighting services that meet their standards in the various commercial spots. 

Founding Brothers Lighting and Electrical came with it the goal of serving the city the best we could and today, Johnny and his brother Brendan,  can look back and stare at the great service the company offers, through their care and pointed goal. This remains the force behind our working as we do in the present.

Placing a high value on our clients, we employ two steps to ensure our services are quite satisfactory. Firstly, we seek to know what you would have us do for you. This calls for building a relationship between us, forming a foundation for our working with you.

Secondly, we ensure that we attend to your issue at the right time and in a way that enhances our relationship. You need us; a help in times of Electrical or Lighting crisis.

Apart from the readily available tools in our Company, we have transportation means, as well as items that ensure that as we serve you, your safety remains a priority and that without limit! We have lift equipment.

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We service the following zip codes and surrounding areas:
77363, 77830, 77845, 77866, 77868, 77869, 77873, 77875, 77880, 77881, Navasota TX, Washington TX, Roans Prairie TX, Millican TX, Anderson TX, Plantersville TX, Wellborn TX, College Station TX, Richards TX


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