Skilled Lighting Contractor, Industrial Lighting Installer & Commercial Lighting Maintenance In Brazos Country, TX

Where & How Brothers Lighting Operates

As the name suggests, Brothers Lighting and Electrical Specialist is a family-owned entity under the command and control of brothers Johnny and Brendan. The company has been serving the Greater Houston area for more than a decade, mainly providing services to commercial clients. We had been serving our clients for the last one and half decades and will remain to provide the best reliable services.

Being a family-owned entity, Brothers Lighting and Electrical Specialist is always committed to its duties to bring the best service to its client gate. we are ready to provide all the necessary services that our client needs at their closest door with the minimum cost they can afford. We also have a customer service desk that can receive calls whenever you feel like reaching to us in case of any emergencies.

Brothers Lighting & Electrician Specialist Services

We provide multiple services all over the Houston area. Some of our services are; pole lighting, sign repairing, maintenance agreement, electrical troubleshooting, installation of the lighting system, retrofits and Re-lamps, generator installation, panel replacement and upgrades, and others. we are consistent with our services to the extent that our customer retention rate in the Houston area is absolutely at its peak. We are also growing faster in terms of numbers of customers over time, and that is the result of better service provision and instant delivery.

What We Consider To Understand Our Customers

  • Enquire and understand your problems
  • Find a solution to your problems
  • Implement the solution
  • Monitor the implemented solution
  • Get your feedback on the issue addressed 
  • Analyze your feedback 
  • Satisfy your needs

Why Is Our Services Delivery Prompt & Faster?

Since we are highly experienced and skilled in our field, we are well known for our standard quality service in the Houston area. We have employed a number of factors that can facilitate our service. This is why we are always effective and time-bound in our dealings with you. We have;

  • Licensed electricians and apprentices
  • Quality, brand name product
  •  Service vans
  •  Bucket trucks
  •  Lift equipment to carry the wide load

Our Mission

Brothers Lighting’s mission is to bring the best possible services to commercial clients in the Houston area. This is exclusively one strong mission that concentrates mainly on one area of specialization. The company is able to offer quality services to its client within the specified areas of operation. The closeness of Brothers Lighting to the people of the Houston area for such a long term is a clear indication that the company provided the best services. It cost a lot of time, energy, and zeal to maintain such long term relationship with commercial clients in such a competitive environment. 

Brothers Lighting is a company with skilled and professional personnel. as such, we are able to provide better quality and reliable services to our commercial clients in different industries.

 We operate within the law to protect our clients all the time. We consider human life superior and account for any inconvenience caused by our team and products.

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We service the following zip codes and surrounding areas:
77801, 77802, 77803, 77805, 77806, 77807, 77808, 77840, 77841, 77842, 77843, 77844, 77845, 77862, 77866, 77867, 77878, 77881, Bryan TX, College Station TX, Wellborn TX, Kurten TX, Snook TX, Mumford TX, Millican TX


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