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Brothers Lighting & Electrical professionals are delighted to welcome you to our homepage! The company is based in Early summer, Texas, and is run by siblings Johnny and Brendan. For more than fifteen years, we have served the Houston substantial zone. Our business is primarily concerned with passenger business, renovation, and improvement. We can provide a range of approaches to satisfy your expectations of yours as a massive illumination and electricity repair business.

Brothers Lighting & Electrical is just an electrical illumination and installation firm with fully licensed operating. We have to comprehend your requirements first, but also discover and enforce a support solution at the right time. Our ideology is straightforward. We have certified electrical professionals and teaching assistants; we utilize performance, designer labels; we possess customer transporters, bucket SUVs, and elevator machinery. However, we pay attention to our clients to enable us to get positive results.

Below are a couple of services  which  you can be offered by us:

  • Facility for Glow Poles
  • Contracts for Restoration and Repair Services are required to be signed.
  • Configuration Of Illumination Technologies Restorations And “ ultra Electromechanical Fault detection
  • Installing Generators
  • Enhancements and Frame Retrofits

Brothers Lighting & Electrical Services

Brothers Lighting & Electrical was established with such a single goal in mind: to provide the highest quality of service to large customers in the Town. We have worked hard to achieve that goal over the years, and we are haughty of our reputation as certainly the most effective luminance and HVAC construction company in the neighborhood.  We especially value the successful relationships we have developed with Houston clients from a number of companies, most of whom understand they can rely on us to provide top-tier electromagnetic craftsmanship.

Within the Houston area, our company is still solely dedicated to industrial electrical contract work. We establish strong agreements with a variety of significant Houston companies, and in several instances, we offer additional our users a wide of indoor lighting services through the various profit-oriented locality. Brothers Lighting & Electrical only chooses the following components and adheres to the highest levels of hygiene, and that is why we have so many loyal clients.

Our company is managed by the most skilled and creative advertisement illumination and electromagnetic experts in Houston. We offer unrivaled insights to each of Brothers Lighting & Electrical’s clients. We offer reasonably precise proposals for indoor lighting work that are appropriate for any business budgeted cost to our team’s expert expertise and prior tools and techniques.

The Brothers Lighting Distinction: Competence, Health & Durability

Brothers Lighting & Electrical has a range of senior specialists in marketing illumination, such as professional technicians and completely authorized technologists. Our specialists benefit fully from their knowledge in our task offers, and a  group of professional consultants supervises every one of our tasks. In order for us to give our clients the finest electronic services, we maintain all our members of the group in full accordance with all suitable legislation, instructions, and suggestions.

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We service the following zip codes and surrounding areas:
77418, 77426, 77445, 77452, 77833, 77834, 77880, 78944, Chappell Hill TX, Brenham TX, Kenney TX, Bellville TX, Hempstead TX, Washington TX, Industry TX


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