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Welcome to the website of Brothers Lighting and Electrical Specialist. It is one of the best electrical service businesses for energy management, lighting maintenance, and much more in the Houston area. It was founded in 2005 and has been progressing ever since. Brother’s lighting and electrical specialist is found in Houston area in Texas at 3336 Spring Stuebner Rd Spring, TX 77389 United States. It is an industrial company providing engineering and construction services. It comprises of one to ten employees. It is a family company with the brothers Johnny and Brendan at the helm. Brothers Lighting and Electrical Specialist focuses on commercial service, repair, and maintenance.

We believe in the vital importance of safety and security that proper lighting provides. Most crimes occur at night where there is darkness. Effective lighting can provide a strong deterrent to all types of crime, especially violent crimes and burglaries, which statistically are more likely to be committed when no lighting or poor lighting is present. Commercial liability is a paramount concern and Brothers Lighting and Electrical Specialist fully understand this issue. We make safety and security, through proper lighting, a top priority.

Brothers Lighting and Electrical Specialist provides services such as:

  • Panel replacements and upgrades
  • Electrical troubleshooting
  • Sign repair and service
  • Street lighting system services
  • Car rental facilities services
  • Auto dealership services

The main aim of Brothers Lighting and Electrical company was to deliver the best possible services to commercial clients in the Houston area. Brothers Lighting provides monthly and quarterly lighting maintenance agreements. We take the worry of lighting issues out of your mind with our night surveys. A lighting maintenance agreement ensures that your property is sufficiently illuminated for the safety of your customers and employees. We also specialize in servicing and maintaining your pylon and building signs.

Brother’s Lighting and Electrical Specialist company design and installs highly advanced lighting systems, including turn-key solutions and photometric analysis systems for clients using energy-efficient services. Brothers Lighting and Electrical Specialist services include the installation of advanced technology, such as induction fluorescent lighting systems and LED systems. Our company can also upgrade these systems, and we can also help you identify the rebates that would apply to your specific project.

Brothers Lighting and Electrical Specialist designs and installs the electrical and lighting systems ensuring that the systems meet all industry regulations and local standards. Our services include the stages of electrical construction, individually design, group up, tenant build-out, computer rooms, site lighting, and internet hotel sites. 

Brothers Lighting and Electrical Specialist company remains devoted uniquely to bids on commercial electricity in the Houston area. As a business that typically deals with contracts, we have endless dealings with a variety of great Houston businesses, and mostly, we offer our electrical and lighting services to our customers across various commercial regions. 

Brothers Lighting and Electrical Specialist employs various experts including master electricians and fully licensed technicians. With their expertise, quality services are admitted to our clients according to the stipulated guidelines. Today, we are proud of our work and have been working with many satisfied clients for a long period of time.

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