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Brothers Lighting & Electrical is a family-owned business based in Spring, Texas with Johnny and Brendan, the brothers, at the wheel of it all. We offer electrical maintenance and full-service lighting as a company. Our business motto is simply to earn your individual trust and business a job at a time. We offer services such as pole lighting, maintain consistency, electrical improvements, installation of generators, modifications, and re-lamps among others. Our eligibility as a top-level electrical company enables us to work with you in putting up and designing a light-emitting diode (LED) lighting system.

Merits Of Using LED Lighting

LEDs have a higher discharge rate of lumens per watt as compared to high-intensity discharge (HID) lights. Brothers Lighting & Electrical is focused on putting in place clean and economical lighting in your building at a lower upgrade price. We reproduce, install and offer preservation services on commercial lighting within the Houston area. Commercial LED lighting can be put into service in parking lots, lighting pathways, parking garages, large areas, canopies, art displays just to mention a few. Brothers Lighting & Electrical is a significant electrical contractor that has large-scale prowess in the LED market in Houston. We have joint forces with various manufacturing partners to make sure your LED lighting set-up accomplishes the following results:

  • Reduced maintenance costs: LED lights, compared to traditional lights, have a longer lifespan. They average 50,000+ hours minimizing the frequent need for replacements or maintenance.
  • Eco-friendly: LED lights keep the environment clean in that they do not contain mercury or lead in them that would otherwise contaminate it.
  • Energy conserving: Lower energy levels are required to light LED lights. This is due to the fact that they discharge more lumens per watt compared to traditional lights.
  • Controlled dimming: Using occupancy and daylight sensors, LED lighting can adjust to match environmental conditions. 
  • Ideal lighting quality: Light emitted by LEDs is clean, white, and bright. This gives very good visibility and consistency thereby increasing the welfare and value of the premises in question.
  • Longevity: LED lighting can persevere in the face of harsh weather conditions. The ability to survive low and high temperatures makes LEDs the desired choice by many companies. Brothers Lighting & Electrical prefer LED lighting due to the fact that it is tight sealing. This means that it can stop the infiltration of contaminants. The need to disassemble and clean is hence avoided.

We founded Brothers Lighting & Electrical with one mission in mind which is to provide the best possible service to commercial clients in Houston. Our specialists provide an unmatched level of insight and prowess to all clients of Brothers Lighting & Electricals company. With this unmatched knowledge and up-to-date tools and technology, we provide highly accurate offers suitable for any financial budget.

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