Proficient LED Lighting Expert, Lighting Maintenance Services & Commercial Lighting Fixtures In Sealy, TX

Background Information

Our website is here to help you learn more about what we do and the services we offer. Our center of operations can be found in Spring, Texas, with brothers Johnny and Brendan facilitating operations. We have operated in Houston, Texas for a considerable number of years. Our company takes serious stock in commercial services, repairs, and maintenance. We are a service maintenance company, providing full service and a range of options to help cater to your issues.

Our company specializes in electrical and lighting, operating on one principle: we look to understand what you need from us and, establish the best possible route to take towards solving the problem in an efficient and time-appropriate manner. We provide qualified and experienced individuals; we employ quality brands and products; we operate a fleet of utility vans, equipment trucks, and maintenance tools. We believe in taking care of our customers. Therefore, we like to put our customers on a pedestal, listening to their needs and finding out the best way to cater to their needs.

Below are some of the areas in which we provide technical expertise. We are ready and willing to provide:

  • Installation of pole-mounted lighting systems
  • Sign Maintenance and repair
  • Operation and maintenance contracts
  • Electrical training and problem solving
  • Commissioning and fixing lighting systems
  • Cost reduction and lighting efficiency
  • Power source installation and maintenance

Our Mission 

Brothers Lighting and Electrical was founded with one mission at its core: to offer the highest possible standard of service to potential customers. We adhere to our mission and have come to be known thanks to our generous reputation for providing excellent service in the area. We always welcome the opportunity to develop term relationships with our customers in Houston, in multiple industries. Our reputation assures that we always deliver the best workmanship.

We maintain our area of focus exclusively in the Houston area. In our years of operating here, we have developed strong ties to a number of businesses, often providing a range of our services to clientele in multiple regions. Our company sources the best resources and delivers the best. Hence, the reason for repeated business with pleased customers. 

Our company offers considerable talent and experience in dealing with technical problems. Each of our members adds value to the company, allowing us to live up to our reputation. Our team’s combined knowledge and professional experience guarantee the latest resources, giving us the opportunity to offer customers the best prices for jobs.

Why You Should Choose Us

We employ experts in lighting and electricals, with enough experience for them to be considered veterans. We employ skilled technicians and veteran electricians. Our experts showcase their expertise in formulating solutions to every problem we come across. Projects are supervised by an experienced team of project managers. Team members are kept up to date and aware of the relevant laws, codes, and training recommendations. All team members are expected to be in full compliance, so we are able to provide customers with the best professional service.  

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We service the following zip codes and surrounding areas:
77418, 77423, 77434, 77441, 77464, 77466, 77473, 77474, 77476, 77485, 78931, 78933, Sealy TX, San Felipe TX, Pattison TX, Brookshire TX, Wallis TX, Simonton TX, Cat Spring TX, Bellville TX, Fulshear TX, Bleiblerville TX, Eagle Lake TX, Orchard TX


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