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All You Need To Know About Brothers Lighting & Electrical

Brothers Lighting and Electrical is a family-owned company by two brothers; Brendan and Johny. You will find us in Spring, Texas. Repairs, maintenance, and commercial services are some of the services we offer in Great Hoston for more than 15 serving years. You can still visit the Brothers Electrical and Lighting website if you need to know more Brothers’ electrical and lighting company. Always be sure to get alternative solutions that will match your needs since we operate as full-time maintenance in Electrical and lightning.

Do you wonder what kind of services we offer? Here are some benefits you should expect from Brothers lighting and electrical company:

  • Electrical troubleshooting
  • A panel upgrade and replacement
  • Installation of generators
  • Re-lamp and Retrofit
  • Pole Lighting Services
  • Services and sign repair
  • Maintenance agreement
  • Lighting Systems Installations

Who We Are in Lighting & Electrical Services

Over the years, Brothers Lighting and Electrical is still consistent with the primary objective, always aiming to offer the best services to clients in Houston areas. Brothers Lighting and Electrical are currently enjoying a good reputation in Houston as the best contractors in Lighting and Electrical.

Brothers Lighting and Electrical also from long-term relationships they gave built with clients. This makes the name of the company be on top and trusted in delivering the best electrical artistry.

In the Houston areas, Brothers Lighting and Electrical company, there are various ongoing relationships; thus, it solely remains tons focus on contracting commercial electrical services.  Since there are different commercial areas in Houston, we always offer multiple services of Electrical and Lightning in the regions. We always ensure our clients are highly satisfied with our high standards and best materials, and in return, we enjoy continuous business.

Brothers Lighting and Electrical company have personnel in Houston, has trained and talented in the Electrical and Lighting industries. With this personnel leading the company,  there is always unmatched high-quality services and expertise to the clients. We also deliver identical bids for lightning and electrical to meet any budget, mainly commercial, using up-to-date technology and equipment and professional knowledge.

Brothers Lighting & Electrical Uniqueness

We are a safe and highly experienced reliable company.

In Brothers Lighting and Electrical, we employ experts in commercial electrical and lightning. These are; technicians that are fully licensed and the master electricians. With the experts, work in Brothers Lighting and Electrical company is always overseen by project managers team with high experience and still get benefits to the project bids. Having codes, relevant laws, and any training session recommended, we always ensure that all our team members comply with them to offer our customers the best and professional services to meet their needs anytime.

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We service the following zip codes and surrounding areas:
77306, 77327, 77328, 77357, 77368, 77371, 77372, Cleveland TX, Splendora TX, Shepherd TX, New Caney TX, Conroe TX, Romayor TX


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