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Brothers Lighting & Electrical: The Dependable Electrical Contractor

The Brothers Lighting & Electrical Specialist has been offering total service, repair, and maintenance of a wide range of electrical facilities. We are a family business that is more than one and a half decades old. 

Where To Find Us

Our base is in Spring, Texas. We concentrate on serving the entire Greater Houston region. 

Our Focus

Since we were founded we have focused specifically on providing commercial enterprises in the Greater Houston area with the best lighting and electrical service. To achieve this, we take time to understand the actual need of our clients and then craft the right solution. 

Our Team

At Brothers Lighting & Electrical our team remains by far our most invaluable asset. We have taken time to put together a carefully selected team of electricians, technicians, apprentices, project managers, and other staff all with knowledge and experience to deliver the highest level of service that our clients deserve. We are also keen to ensure that our team has the relevant training, certification, and licenses as demanded by the laws and regulations governing the industry. They are capable of sorting out virtually any and every matter relating to your lighting and electrical need. Their client-facing approach ensures that whatever the issue, the total satisfaction of the client remains the ultimate goal.

Our Resources

We pride ourselves on the resources that we have put together for excellent client service. We are especially committed to using only reputable and proven products and brands. To address every form of service needed by our clients, we have assembled a full complement of tools and equipment that are of the highest standard. These combined enable Brothers Lighting & Electrical to deliver to your doorstep a level of service that is truly world-class. 

Our Experience

For over 15 years we have accumulated knowledge and expertise to serve you outstandingly. Since we were founded, we have polished and aligned every facet of our company to seamlessly provide distinctly superior service. We served clients in all sectors and boast of having many of the major companies in the region in our portfolio. Indeed Brothers Lighting & Electrical has retained many of its clients as a result of our commitment to excellence. 

Our Services

Brothers Lighting & Electrical offers a wide range of services. Some of these include:

  1. Repairing signs
  2. Servicing signs
  3. Performing electrical diagnostics
  4. Fixing sight systems
  5. Installing generators 
  6. Replacing and upgrading panels
  7. Contracting for maintenance services

At Brothers Lighting & Electrical we are ready with our products and people to help you to solve your lighting and electrical needs. And to all our clients we remain committed to addressing their needs speedily and professionally.

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