Affordable Electrical Services, LED Lighting Maintenance & Commercial Lighting Installer In Wiedeville, TX

We surely appreciate your time to have a glance at our website; Brothers Lighting & Electrical Specialist. This organization was founded approximately two decades ago by two brothers; Johny and Brendan. We have had this organization running for so many years and we are still counting, this is due to our consistency in providing electrical and lighting solutions for the commercialized sector. We solely offer monetary programs for those who require electrical and lighting solutions.

At Brothers Lighting & Electrical Specialist, we make sure that we get to recognize what your needs are and solve your problems adequately within the shortest time possible. Our staff consists of certified technicians who ensure your needs are satisfactorily fulfilled. We focus mainly on service delivery which is flawless and timely, so meeting a deadline isn’t something to worry about. We have highly standardized equipment which is usually branded; these include trucks and equipment for lifting loads, they are serviced regularly, and experts ensure this is done before engaging in field operations.

Listed below are among many services we offer;

  • Replacing panels.
  • Lighting system installation.
  • Generator installation.
  • Sign repairs and maintenance.
  • Pole lighting services.
  • Maintenance agreement.
  • Retrofits and Re-lamps.
  • Electrical troubleshooting.

For the many years that we have been at the forefront of providing solutions to our clients which include, repairs and maintenance of their electrical properties, we have ensured that our main objective to provide exceptional services for our customers in the area is upheld. This has highly reputed us to being one of the best in electrical and lighting solutions.

We have earned our place in this industry, therefore, more traffic has been directed into our organization as customers find us trustworthy and easy to work with, therefore we have built lasting relations with them due to our efficient service delivery.

Primarily, we emphasize providing our electrical and lighting services to the Houston community. We have built a string of relations with leading entrepreneurs in the locality. We have adjusted our workmanship to meet the needs of a larger part of the area.

Our service delivery is recognized as one of the best that pushes us more to have a long-established relationship with our customers.

For a firm to deliver proficiently and efficiently, there has to be well-trained, reliable, and knowledgeable specialists at the forefront, that is what we offer you. They provide you with unlimited, prompt, and intuitive solutions to your electrical needs. For any crises or emergencies, our team responds promptly and makes sure every situation is handled meticulously. 

What We Do Differently

Specialists within our organization are certified and legally recognized. They match their experience and technical capabilities to ensure they deliver specifically what they need to. If you are worried about any of them breaking any laws or code of conduct, don’t be, they are well equipped with ethics and statutes. Our organization is highly recommended for your electrical solutions because we only offer the best, don’t be distressed about something we can help you with, just relax and let us take over.

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We service the following zip codes and surrounding areas:
77418, 77426, 77452, 77833, 77834, 77835, 77863, 77879, 77880, 78944, Brenham TX, Chappell Hill TX, Burton TX, Kenney TX, Somerville TX, Washington TX, Industry TX, Bellville TX, Lyons TX


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