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An Insight Into Brothers Lighting and Electrical

Brothers Lighting and Electrical has vast experience in the provision of commercial services, repair, and experience. Based in Spring, Houston within Texas County our company has been around for almost two decades.  The article gives an insight scoop into what makes us the company you should choose.

Brothers Lighting and Electrical is a family owned business with brothers Johnny and Brendan as its leaders. Our main focus is fully light servicing and electrical maintenance for its clients. Some of the services that are provided by Brothers Lighting and Electrical:

  • Pole Lighting Service
  • Sign Repair And Service
  • Maintenance Agreements
  • Electrical Troubleshooting
  • Installation Of Lighting Systems
  • Retrofits And Re-lamps
  • Generator Installations
  • Panel Replacements And Upgrades

At Brothers Lighting and Electrical, there are key philosophies that must be adhered to. They include:

  1. Understand your needs: Brothers Lighting and Electricals make it a point to listen to their customer’s specific needs. This is the only way to determine which solution best fits you.
  2. Find and Implement a timely solution: This should be done in a proper manner. With licensed electricians and apprentices, quality products, and vast services we ensure that the solution is efficient and effective.

Brothers lighting and Electrical has key ingredients that make it stand out. They include:

  1. Consistent Mission: Brothers Lighting and Electrical’s main mission is to provide the best solution available for the region’s commercial clients. Based on that, we have built a reputation in Houston as one of the leaders in terms of contracts for lighting and electrical services. This has been so for more than a decade now.
  2. Strong Long-term relationship with customers from Houston Industries: Trust has been developed to provide the very best workmanship. 
  3. Best Materials and Highest Standards of Service: Brothers Lighting and Electrical uses quality, brand name products and we own service vans, bucket trucks, and lift equipment. This ensures that the customers developed from commercial electrical contracts in Houston are satisfied. This also helps with the ongoing relationships Brothers Lighting and Electrical has with Houston Major Businesses. Due to our quality, we have experienced repeated success in the market. 
  4. Employment of Experienced Professionals who have talent: This ensures that our clients are afforded the very best in the market. The professionals offer knowledge and recent technology, ensuring deliverance of bids for electrical and lighting works that are efficient. The bids are applicable to any budget helping us serve different commercial clients
  5. We Possess Experience and Safety that can be relied upon:  Brother’s Lighting and Electrical has employed lighting experts that possess a wealth of experience and are licensed for commercial purposes. The experienced professionals are a key contributor to bids for projects and are overseen by Managers. Brother’s Lighting and Electrical staff comply with all relevant codes, laws, and training that is recommended. 

Brothers Lighting and Electrical has been around for a while now and with good management and quality, it should continue growing. You can trust us to offer reliable services that meet your needs.

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We service the following zip codes and surrounding areas:
77363, 77830, 77845, 77866, 77868, 77869, 77873, 77875, 77880, 77881, Navasota TX, Washington TX, Roans Prairie TX, Millican TX, Anderson TX, Plantersville TX, Wellborn TX, College Station TX, Richards TX


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