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The Commercial Maintenance And Lighting

Bothers Lighting is a specialized company dealing with commercial lighting service and maintenance solutions for all types of buildings. On average, commercial buildings contain multiple lighting varieties and styles for different applications, including decorative, security, tasks, and canopy lights. Brother Lighting commercial lighting maintenance plan consisting of service scheduling and supplies for the various types of lighting brightening up your building.

Safety, Ambiance, Money-Saving: The Optimal Lighting In Your Building

The lighting used in your building has a significant impact on the aesthetics and feel of a building. Missing bulbs or using the wrong lighting will irritate building occupants such as the employees and give potential clients and upper management the wrong first impressions. Conversely, a well-lit building looks excellent and yields stunning and memorable first impressions. Importantly, proper lighting of a building improves the productivity of your employees.

Beyond the aesthetics of your building, poor and improper lighting can be a security and safety hazard. A poorly lit hallway or room increases the risk of falling and injuries, which could be a liability for your business. In the same light, buildings with poor security lighting are susceptible to vandalism and break-in.

Brothers Lighting are experts in the field of commercial light maintenance. We’ll advise on the latest and greatest lighting technologies to use in your building. With the proliferation of the LED technology, which has proved superior to HID, incandescent, and fluorescents lights, Brothers Lighting incorporated LED technology in commercial environments into our solutions. 

We offer lighting systems upgrade services to replace your fixtures with LED Lighting, which increases your energy efficiency and lowers your electricity costs. Ultimately, upgrading your building lighting system will save you money in the short and long term.

Building owners looking to cut running costs should consider upgrading their lighting systems. Upgrading and improving the lighting for your building can increase energy efficiency and reduce costs significantly. Notably, the upgrade is an easy and quick means of reducing costs.

Our lighting experts will help you find the best lighting solutions that will meet your needs, lower your electricity cost, and negate the hassle of maintaining the lighting system by providing class-leading lighting maintenance.

Challenges of Maintaining Facility Lighting

The vast majority of facility managers and building owners appreciate the importance of proper lighting. However, they find inspecting the entire facility regularly for proper lighting a daunting task. Moreover, such tasks take up valuable time that they would rather do other things. Even more challenging is ensuring the right supplies are available on hand for quick repairs when a light goes out.

This is where Brothers Lighting maintenance services come in. We handle the burden of maintaining your building’s lighting, allowing you to take care of other aspects of your business. Importantly, we help you keep the lighting maintenance costs low.

In a market saturated with service providers, finding the best lighting and maintenance solutions provider to partner with can be a daunting task. Brothers Lighting stands cut above our competitors because we offer client-centric services and solutions. As the premier product-neutral lighting solution provider in the industry, our goal is to provide the best lighting solution for your facility without worrying about selling a specific product. 

We have built and accrued the capabilities, experience, and expertise required to render the best electrical and lighting maintenance services to serve your lighting needs.


Worth mentioning again, we offer better lighting with a savings up to 50 percent!!!

Brothers Lighting provides monthly and quarterly lighting maintenance agreements. We take the worry of lighting issues out of your mind with our “night surveys”. A lighting maintenance agreement insures that your property is sufficiently illuminated for the safety of your customers and employees. We also specialize in servicing and maintaining your pylon and building signs. A properly maintained sign dramatically enhances your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About The Commercial Maintenance And Lighting

What is commercial lighting?

Commercial lighting is lighting used for commercial spaces such as offices, stores, institutions, hospitals and government buildings, essentially those spaces that are not residential, industrial or for manufacturing.

What is the difference between commercial and residential lighting?

Commercial-grade light products are made from a better quality LED drivers, modules, heat sinks, and other components to last longer than residential-grade products. They are therefore more durable and last longer than residential lighting options.

What are uplights used for?

Uplights are lights that are on the ground that shoots up walls and make them glow. Also, they can be used on trees if your venue has an outside part, which makes for an awesome effect. As an additional, you can get lighting or uplights as part of DJ services.

What is a commercial light bulb?

Rough service or vibration light bulbs are normal incandescent bulbs with stronger filaments that can withstand vibrations and other stresses. This could include garage door openers and teenagers who are obsessed with slamming on doors. The vibrations could cause the bulb’s failure early.

Why is architectural lighting important?

Light, whether artificial or daylight, draws attention to the textures, colors, and forms of space. This helps architecture realize its true purpose. Lighting enhances our perception of architecture. Vision is the most important sense we have.

Why does my metal-halide light flicker and turn on and off?

The MH and HPS ballasts cycle on and off depending on how hot or cold the ballast is. You should leave them there for 20 minutes after they are fired up to check for bad ones.

How does the capacitor affect the light bulb?

When one places a capacitor in a circuit containing a light bulb and a battery, the capacitor will initially charge up, and as this charging up is happening, there will be a nonzero current in the circuit, so the light bulb will light up.

What is a anti flicker capacitor?

Anti-flicker LED capacitors are useful for vehicles that get a flickering or strobe effect when installing after-market LED kits. It can avoid auto circuits, computers, and other auto parts fluctuating from xenon headlights.

Why are my LED bulbs failing?

The most common reasons for LED blowing out are high voltage, bad contacts, use of incompatible dimmer switches, or recessed lighting. Overheating can also be caused by not using the correct fixtures or bad batches of lightbulbs.

How do you clean oxidation off outdoor lights?

Use a Metal Cleaner and Polisher Apply a heavy-duty multipurpose remover directly to a painted exterior light. To remove oxidation from paint, scrub the surface with a nylon scrub brush. Rinse the remover product from the light, and allow it to dry.

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