Reading A Spring TX Light Bulb Package

Different light bulbs have different advantages and specifics and details to be aware of. Knowing more about the details of your light bulbs and where they are best used will allow you the best lighting experience.


The incandescent bulb is the most common type of bulb and also the least expensive. These bulbs are valued for their warm appealing light that I very popular in homes. The average incandescent bulb will last anywhere from 700 to 1000 hours and work well when attached to dimmer switches. The only downside, these light bulbs are not especially energy-efficient.

Halogen Bulbs

These work very similarly to the incandescent bulb but provide a white light that is the closest thing you can get to natural daylight. Halogen bulbs allow for colors to appear sharper and can also be used with a dimmer switch. While they are more energy-efficient than an incandescent bulb, halogen bulbs are more costly and will reach far higher temperatures.

Halogen lights are most often used for space lighting under cabinets, in pendant lights or recessed sconces. It is important to remember never to touch your halogen bulbs with your bare hands when changing them. This is because the smallest amounts of skin oils can be transferred to the bulb. When used, the high temperatures will cause a reaction between the oils and super-heated glass surface resulting in a temperature differential that shatters that glass and destroys the bulb.


The fluorescent provides a broad flat bluish-white light that can be too harsh. This is a daylight bulb and can’t be used on a dimmer switch. You will find a great variety of fluorescent bulbs on the market, there are fluorescent bulbs in different shapes, colors and even warmer options that replicate the incandescent effect to a degree. These are good options for large spaces that need ample illumination, like in the attic or basement.

Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

The Compact Fluorescent Bulbs is also called CFLs, these babies will only use a fourth of the energy consumed by an incandescent bulb and last more than 10 times as long. They are improved versions of the older fluorescent bulbs turn on instantly and make no noise. Plus, CFLs can be used in any socket suitable for an incandescent bulb. However, the CFL does contain trace amounts of toxic metal mercury and even though this is far less mercury than you will find in many other home appliances, it is toxic just the same. CFLs must be disposed of properly and not smashed in the disposal.


“Light Emitting Diodes” are a thing of the future. However, these long-lasting and highly energy-efficient beauties are not yet ready to make all other bulbs obsolete–– not yet. For one, they are good at providing directional light as needed for task lighting and space lighting, but for effective room illumination, some innovations are required. Some of the latest versions include clusters of LEDs grouped together, but these bulbs can cost significantly more than your average CFL.

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