Basic Maintenance Procedures On Your Spring TX Lighting

The U.S. Department of Energy states that lighting makes up around 20% of the overall energy utilized in commercial infrastructures. One of the best ways to reduce energy use involves the correct lighting maintenance.

In many cases, most buildings don’t have a lighting maintenance policy in place, other than the replacement of burned-out bulbs. Inadequate lighting maintenance often results in visual degradation, decreased worker productivity, as well as increased energy costs.

The correct lighting maintenance schedules often include several things such as inventory control, policies, and scheduling.

Your company should be practicing basic maintenance procedures between your professional visits. These include:

  • Cleaning dust off lenses, lamps, and fixtures every 6 to 24 months. Avoid cleaning incandescent bulbs while they are on. If you are using a damp cloth, the moisture causes a cooling effect which could shatter the hot bulbs.
  • Repaint or clean small rooms every 12 months, and larger areas or rooms every 2 to 3 years, since the dirt that accumulates on surfaces reduces the light that they reflect.
  • Replace lenses when they start to look yellow.
  • Think about group light replacements. A common lamp will lose as much as 30% of its light output over its service life. Replacing a group of lamps within a lighting-system will save you time and labor, maintain high illumination, and prevent stressing ballasts caused by dying lamps.

Policies For Lighting Maintenance

Lighting maintenance policies involve a written procedure that serves as your guideline for everyday maintenance tasks and to optimize your lighting system throughout the year.

The elements for an efficient maintenance policy should include:

  • Lighting and fixture controls schedule
  • A blueprint of your facility
  • Service and equipment provider contacts and sources, including your utility contacts
  • Relamping and fixture cleaning schedule with a service-tracking log
  • Procedures for cleaning fixtures, deballasting, and relamping
  • Procedures for adjusting occupancy sensors and controls
  • A summary of the correct ballast and lamp disposal

Replacing Fixtures & Lights

Replacing fixtures and lights forms an important portion of lighting system maintenance. The replacement types fall into two categories which include group and spot replacement. Group replacements involve replacing sets of lamps at the same time. Spot replacement replaces burned-out lamps and is the more common technique used in a traditional maintenance program.

Lighting maintenance plays a pivotal role when it comes to decreasing energy use. Brothers Lighting provides different types of maintenance options.

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